13 tips if your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi


It can be really annoying when your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Especially if you’re in the middle of something extremely important, like binge-watching game of thrones. There are many possibilities as to why your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi – so many, in fact, that when we’ve put them all together, we’ve come up with a list of 13 different Wi-Fi troubleshooting options. We’ve gone from the easiest to the hardest, so hopefully you don’t have to get to the end of the list and smash your Wi-Fi router with a hammer.

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If your iPhone is not connecting to Wi-Fi, check your Wi-Fi status. Restart the router, check the router cable, and check various other things on the iPhone itself. More drastic solutions involve resetting network settings, erasing your iPhone, and updating your router to the latest firmware (if applicable).


Is your Wi-Fi on and can you see your network?

We’ll start with the easy and most obvious things. Is your Wi-Fi really on? This can be checked in a jiffy by going to Settings > Wi-Fi. Can you see your Wi-Fi network? Are you connected there? If you are, but the signal is weaktry to get closer to the router. You may be in a Wi-Fi blind spot.

If this happens frequently, consider moving your router to a more optimal location in your home or perhaps purchase a Wi-Fi range extender.

Is your Wi-Fi on, but the internet is actually down?

iphone settings wifi no internet

If Wi-Fi is on, do you actually have an internet connection? Even if you have enabled Wi-Fi, the connection can still be interrupted. In this case, simply restart the router.

Each router has its own reboot procedure, but that usually involves holding down a reset button on the back for 15-20 seconds until the lights flash indicating it’s rebooting. Then wait a few more minutes before turning off the Wi-Fi connection in your iPhone settings and turning it back on again.

Is airplane mode on?

ios goes into airplane mode

When you turn on Airplane modeit disables many iOS functions, including Wi-Fi. If you forget Airplane Mode was turned on and it is still on, then of course you won’t get any Wi-Fi!

Swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen to access Control Center and tap the airplane mode icon to turn it off.

Check for iOS updates

ios new update

Sometimes if you don’t install iOS security and system updatesthis can have an effect on various iPhone features, especially Wi-Fi. So the next step is to go to Settings > General > Software Update and see if anything is waiting to be downloaded and installed. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you’ll need to upgrade to your mobile provider’s data plan to do this.

“Forget” your Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it

iphone settings forget this wifi network

Your Wi-Fi still not connecting? Then it’s time to “forget” the Wi-Fi network. This is where you tell your phone to erase all Wi-Fi credentials for your preferred network. You will get to this screen by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and tapping the name of your network.

Of course, this now means you have to re-enter your Wi-Fi password. If you forgot it, you’ll need to factory reset your router, so the password becomes administrator. Don’t forget to go to your router settings again and change the password to something less obvious.

Did you enter the password correctly?

iphone settings enter wi-fi password

If you try to access someone else’s Wi-Fi network and fail, it’s probably password protected. Assuming you have permission to access their network, do you have the correct password? Did you get it right?

Check your router cables

wifi router cable

Quite often, a wobbly Wi-Fi connection can be as simple as a somewhat loose cable in the back. Gently push each of the cables to make sure that none of them are partially pulled out of their socket. I lost wifi once for nearly an hour before realizing it was gone because I threw my jeans over the router cable.

Restart your iPhone

restart iphone

The next step is to restart your iPhone. The tried-and-true cliched suggestion to “turn it off and on again” truly solves all ills. With newer versions of the iPhone, restarting is simply a matter of holding down the volume down key and the power button on the right side. Keep holding them until the slide to turn off message appears on the screen.

Reset network settings

iphone settings reset wi-fi network settings

If you’re still having trouble, it’s time to Reset network settings. This option is under Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset. Resetting network settings does not erase your personal data, such as your photos, emails, music, and other media. All it does is reset everything related to your Wi-Fi network, which includes:

  • Names of registered and logged in persons Wireless networks.
  • Paired Bluetooth the devices will be unpaired.
  • Cellular network preferences.
  • vpn settings.
  • The name of the iPhone will be reset to iPhone.
  • Manually trusted certificates are replaced with unreliable.

Check with your internet service provider to see if there is a service outage

T-Mobile logo

Kris Carlon / Android Authority

At this point, it’s time to call your ISP and find out if the problem is with them. They could very well have a service outage. I left this option closer to the end because I didn’t want to subject you to waiting several hours on a premium phone line, listening to Beethoven Ode to Joy. Then get cut.

Unfortunately, if you’ve made it this far on the page, there’s no avoiding it. Go forward, brave warrior. You have this.

Update your router to the latest firmware

t mobile wifi router firmware iphone

If your ISP insists that their internet is fully functional, the next step is to check if the router needs be updated with the latest firmware version. Firmware is basically the software used to run the router, and running outdated firmware versions can cause problems. However, many ISPs automatically update their router’s firmware, so you don’t have to worry about that. But others do not automatically update the firmware; so it’s up to you to check it from time to time.

Just Google the name of your ISP and “firmware”. Or go to your ISP’s website and search for a Firmware link. First you need to go to your router settings and make sure you don’t already have the latest version.

Factory reset your iPhone

erase erase reset iphone confirm wi-fi

Contact Apple Support

Apple Support

Well, we’re at the end of the list, and I was only joking about giving the Wi-Fi router a hammer. If you’ve gotten this far and your iPhone still won’t connect to Wi- Fi, it’s time to hit the Apple Store and give these geniuses a job. It is very possible that your iPhone has a hardware issue preventing it from connecting to Wi-Fi. This can only be fixed by a qualified professional, either in the form of the Apple Store or a repair shop third-party approved.


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