A furious Chelsea fan destroys his three Wi-Fi routers after the company suspends its sponsorship of the club


A furious Chelsea fan has destroyed his Three wireless router in protest at the company’s decision to suspend its sponsorship of the Premier League club.

A statement from Three read: “In light of the government’s recently announced sanctions, we have asked Chelsea Football Club to temporarily suspend our sponsorship of the club, including the removal of our brand from the shirts and around the stadium until further notice. order.

“We recognize that this decision will have an impact on the many Chelsea fans who follow their team with passion. However, we believe that given the circumstances and the government sanction in place, it is the right thing to do.

Three have suspended their sponsorship of Chelsea (Image: PA)

“As a mobile network, the best way to support the people of Ukraine is to ensure that refugees arriving in the UK after the conflict and customers currently in Ukraine can stay in touch with the people who matter to them. Therefore, we are offering connectivity packages to all Ukrainians in the UK and those in Ukraine.”

A Chelsea fan didn’t take the news too well and decided to cut ties with Three in a dramatic way.

In a video posted to Twitter by user Adam1V, the disgruntled fan unplugs his Three router and dabs it before tossing it in his trash can.

The video was posted to Twitter in response to a tweet from Three and included the caption: “Disgruntled Chelsea fans, let’s go! #ChelseaFC #LeaveOurClubAlone #CFC.

His dramatic act drew a mixed reaction from fans on social media.

Another Chelsea fan backed him up, commenting: “I wish I was in the UK right now. I’m just going to unfollow them and then report them to Twitter for a crime.

“If I’m lucky, their verification badge may be removed.”

However, other fans mocked the supporter.

One wrote: “‘Dad, why isn’t the wifi working?'”


Another joked: “BREAKING NEWS * UK mobile provider 3 has reversed its decision to withdraw sponsorship of Chelsea FC. The decision comes after Glen Robertson took down a WiFi 3 router on Twitter.

“Glen still has to pay the contract and has no WiFi. Damn dozy.


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