Äike launches the world’s first Smart-Lock feature for electric scooters


Newly founded sustainable electric scooter startup Äike, today launched the world’s first smart lock system for electric scooters. The feature is available for the company’s latest model, the Äike T, and adds to a series of other industry redesigns launched by the company, including the introduction of USB-C charging capabilities and the design, manufacture and assembly of the first electric scooters. in Europe thanks to renewable energies. The company’s latest product update allows Äike T owners to benefit from its remote unlocking system, a feature that has become increasingly popular in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and allows you start riding simply by standing close to your device.

The smart lock feature, integrated into the Äike mobile app, makes riding easier than ever by allowing Äike T owners to unlock their e-scooter without even taking their phone out of their pocket. Using authenticated Bluetooth connections, users’ phones automatically connect to the e-scooter when the owner is within range, allowing them to simply hop on and ride. When they descend, the e-scooter also locks, making it easier and faster to secure your e-scooter.

Public key authentication ensures that the smart lock is only triggered when the owner uses it, and the new functionality is integrated into the scooters’ existing IoT module (provided by Comodule) which is encrypted to take orders only from its owner’s phone (or devices on which the owner has shared permissions). Opening the Äike app automatically establishes a Bluetooth or GSM connection with the scooter, allowing the scooter to be locked or unlocked by pressing the assigned button.

The Äike T is a vertically integrated product, and manufacturers have full control over its hardware, firmware and software, making it one of the most secure electric scooters on the market. Äike engineers can kill IoT connectivity at any time, making theft unnecessary. Kristjan Maruste, CEO of Kõu Mobility Group and CEO and Product Manager for Äikecommented :

“The release of this smart lock feature is just another example of the benefits of operating in a local, vertically integrated company. As we manufacture our own electronics, hardware and software, we can move from the ideation stage to release phase in a few weeks.Our goal is to make Äike scooters the most user-friendly electric vehicles in the world.

Äike is paving the way for a new era of micro-mobility making electric scooters and zero-emission commuting accessible to as many people as possible. The company actively sources materials from responsibly recycled local suppliers, ensuring a supply and distribution chain free of conflict, child labor and excessive landfills, while ensuring that 92% of the materials used to produce its electric scooters are recyclable. In addition to GPS protection, each e-scooter comes with Comodule’s own IoT device and a passport that allows exclusive access to the Aike app and enables remote customer support, instant firmware updates and e-scooter performance monitoring, giving users a unique connected riding experience.


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