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Microsoft has announced a new Outlook app for Windows that will make the desktop version of Outlook similar to the web version. The app is currently in beta and the official announcement gave us a good look at what to expect from the new features.

According to an official Microsoft blog post earlier this week, Outlook will get several new features in addition to an updated design. The new app will integrate with Loop, which is Microsoft’s tool for collaborating on things like polls, to-do lists, and more. in Office apps.

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The new Outlook application will also bring a new system for attaching files to email. Users can also attach files stored in the cloud by simply typing “@” and then the file name to get a list of matching cloud files to attach to an email.

Additionally, the new app also gets new calendar and task features. Some of them are simple, like the ability to pin emails to the top of your inbox so you don’t miss important emails. Users can also drag emails to a panel and set them as to-do items or calendar events if desired. After attaching emails to to-do lists and calendar, users can check out the new calendar view which displays their to-do lists, notes, and various other customizable information alongside the actual calendar.

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Apart from these, other new features are coming in the new Outlook application. These include the ability to respond to invites, letting them know if you will be attending virtually or physically. Additionally, there is an inbox cleaning swipe feature that will be included in the app. The new Outlook app will also automatically pin emails that it deems important and that you missed.

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the new Outlook app is still in beta, and if you want to try out the new features, you must have a Microsoft business or education account. If you checked this box, you can sign up to become an Office Insider and get the beta version of the beta channel. After signing up for the beta channel, users should update to the latest version and then see a toggle that allows you to upgrade to the new version.

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