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Residential proxies can breathe new life into your bot or web scraping software. That’s because they’re from real devices, so you blend in better than a data center IP address.

When to use a residential proxy instead of a data center IP? There are three good reasons:

1. Your target has a powerful protection mechanism. Sneaker sites, travel fare aggregators, and other sites that encounter bot traffic use IP reputation as the first line of defense. Residential IP addresses have a good reputation because they are registered under the name of the consumer’s ISP.

2. You need extensive geographic coverage. Residential IPs come from millions of people around the world. As such, they support many locations, far more than a data center can support. This makes it a good choice for SEO scraping, ad checking, software localization, and similar tasks.

3. You want to browse truly anonymously. VPNs and data center addresses hide you, but not the fact that you use them. Residential proxies make you feel like you’re browsing like a real person.

How much does a residence cost Proxy Cost?

You’ll be looking at paying anywhere from $1 to $20 per GB. It all depends on how much you’re buying and whether you’re committing to a long-term contract. Familiar Oxylabs15/G, Smartproxy 12.5/G.

However, LUNAPROXY only needs $1.2 for the same product performance, but it can save you 650% cost.

LUNAPROXY is a professional HTTP residential proxy with 90 million residential IP addresses covering 195 countries and regions. If you are looking for high cost performance and have a high demand for proxy pools, don’t miss this great opportunity!

Why choose Lunaproxy:

– Over 90 million high-quality residential IP addresses

– Covers 195 locations with country, city and state level geo-targeting.

– Allows sending unlimited simultaneous connection requests

– Hide your IP address and location at all times

– Easy integration for a smooth start

– Best value for money in the world

– No need to manage captcha anymore, optimize company resources

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