AMD Raphael & Jadeite + Intel Meteor Lake audio driver support on Linux 6.0


Takashi Iwai of SUSE as the Linux Audio Subsystem Maintainer has submitted all new hardware support and feature updates targeting the Linux 6.0 merge window. The Linux 6.0 audio driver changes are notable in regards to support for new AMD and Intel hardware, among other changes.

First, there is a new AMD audio driver for “Raphael”, aka Ryzen 7000 desktop processors. As mentioned earlier, there is a new driver to support the updated audio coprocessor (ACP 6.x) for Raphael. Given that the AMD Ryzen 7000 series is due to launch this quarter, this new Linux driver is coming quite late considering that the Linux 6.0 kernel won’t debut as stable until late September or early October and will arrive too late to be the default kernel. from Ubuntu 22.10. In any case, at least Linux 6.0 supports ACP 6.x audio support for Raphael.

The new Linux driver code for Raphael was only recently released to the public, much later than other Raphael and Zen 4 Linux activations in other areas of the kernel.

Another new platform with AMD audio support in Linux 6.0 enables their Jadeite platform which is an offshoot of the years old Stoney APU. It’s still unclear why AMD is working on Jadeite now in 2022 after so long and Jadeite having some references in Linux code going back to 2017, but now in 2022 is this new code from AMD… Presumably for a commercial commitment.

On the Intel side, there is initial support for Meteor Lake DSP. Meteor Lake is based on the Sound Open Firmware architecture, but has significant differences from earlier Tigerlake and Alder Lake audio hardware. Meteor Lake introduces new audio hardware named “ACE” and requires the new SOF-based Zephyr RTOS. For Linux 6.0, that’s nearly a thousand lines of new code over existing SOF driver paths.

Some other new audio support in Linux 6.0 includes MediaTek MT8186 and MT6366 DSPs, NVIDIA Tegra MDDRC, Qualcomm SDM845, WDC9335, and other audio codecs.

Linux 6.0 sound updates also include a number of core sound improvements, merging more of the Intel AVS driver stack, general Sound Open Firmware (SOF) updates, and other changes .


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