America’s Frontier Fund to Invest in AI and Microelectronics to Secure America’s Technological Advantage


America’s Frontier Fund was officially launched as a nonprofit investment fund focused on scaling companies and their deep technologies to ensure that the United States and its allies maintain their technological edge in high-powered competition Powerful.

AFF said on Thursday its initial focus areas will include artificial intelligence, microelectronics, next-generation networks such as 5G and 6G, synthetic biology, advanced manufacturing, new materials and science. quantum.

Gilman Louieformer commissioner of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, co-founded AFF with Jordan Blashekformer Vice President of Business Creation at Schmidt Futures, and Edlyn Levin, former Chief Technologist at Miter’s Acceleration Office.

Louie is CEO of AFF and Blashek is President and COO of the investment fund. Levine is a partner and scientific director of the fund.

AFF has developed a framework, called FrontierCast, to identify and invest in new technologies aligned with national strategic interests by integrating scientific and financial expertise. The model uses multidimensional analyzes and retrospective analysis to assess technology platforms from the perspective of market demand, economics, geopolitics and science.

In May, the fund announced that it would oversee Quadruple Investor Networkwhich aims to strengthen technological cooperation by bringing together investors from the United States, Japan, Australia and India.

The members of the AFF Board of Directors are:

  • Ash Carter, former Secretary of Defense
  • Cliff Sobel, Former Ambassador, Managing Partner, Valor Capital Group
  • Eric Braverman, CEO, Schmidt Futures
  • H. R. McMaster, retired United States Army Lieutenant General and former National Security Advisor
  • J. Michael McQuade, Special Advisor to the President, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jennifer Pahlka, Founder of Code for America
  • Joanne Isham, former Deputy Director of Science and Technology, CIA
  • John Hurley, Managing Partner and CIO, Cavalry Asset Management
  • Leslie Brun, President and CEO, Ariel Alternatives
  • Michele Flournoy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, WestExec Advisors
  • Mignon Clyburn, Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Nick Beim, Partner, Venrock Associates
  • Richard Kang, Managing Partner, Prism Global
  • Samuel Palmisano, former CEO of IBM
  • Suzanne Nora Johnson, President, Board of Directors, Intuit

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