Anmol Network Secures $1 Million Seed Funding, Investor Group Reflects Strong Support for Mass Adoption of Web3 Technologies


LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/May 3, 2022/ Anmol Network, creator of a multi-channel portal in the Web3 space focused on usability and accessibility, announced today that it has closed a $1 million seed funding led by AU21 Capital, with strategic investment from, MEXC Global Exchange, YBB Foundation, Lotus Capital, HG Ventures and Rob Hanneman. The round was oversubscribed.

Anmol Network, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, Image from the press release

Closing a seed round while securing partnerships with industry leaders such as Polygon, Darwinia, Crust Network and Cere Network, combined with the breadth and profile of investors demonstrates widespread support for the new Anmol’s innovative approach to migrating Web2 to Web3 functionality with the goal of onboarding the next billion Blockchain technology users.

“The support from our partners, the scale of new investors and the oversubscription of the round demonstrates to us that industry experts and thought leaders support our groundbreaking new approach to providing tools and resources to those who s ‘Engage in Web2 features such as digital arts and entertainment, games, ticketing, transaction processing, logistics, e-commerce and social media to migrate seamlessly to Web3″ said Furqan Ahmed, Founder and CVO of Anmol Network. “Thanks to our forward-looking investors, Anmol can accelerate our mission to enable everyday internet users, small or large businesses, developers or current users of the blockchain space to participate or engage more. with Web3 technologies with nominal development or integration overhead. Whether a user wants a new audited token with a custom acquisition, a DAO, a generative art NFT project of thousands or even millions of NFTS, it can happen in minutes using tools from Anmol and DApps“.

How the Anmol network works

We see Anmol as the missing piece in this industry. The Web3 market is currently disjointed, off-putting to newcomers, and deeply inaccessible. Anmol strives to solve this problem by creating an interoperable and beginner-friendly framework for onboarding and transitioning organizations to Web3 technologies, imagine a Canva or a WordPress but, for Web3, this is what we offer. We believe this is necessary for widespread adoption and global maturity, as an industry like this cannot grow and become stable without a global network of diverse and eager users.

The Web3 space is growing at a faster annual rate than the Internet initially. With all this potential, tools and resources must be provided to drive mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

Anmol not only aims to bring growth to our ecosystem, but also to the blockchain and Web3 industries as a whole. We build simple, yet versatile tools designed for blockchain newbies or existing web2.0 developers, and businesses looking to try Web3, we facilitate the next generation of online businesses.

By creating easy-to-use tools, a multi-channel network and educational content, we will expand the world of Web3 by creating a pathway for users and businesses to transition to new technologies and away from Web2.

As our tools will be deployed not only on our blockchain, but also on multiple blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, BSC and more, at the protocol level we can benefit other chains by driving adoption and ease of use on a full spectrum. blockchain projects and integrations with external brands.

Anmol also offers tools and resources to further empower users already actively involved in web3. Whether a user wants a new audited token with custom acquisition, DAO, NFT tickets, custom Metaverse wearables, or even a generative or 3D NFT art project of thousands or even millions of NFTS, that, well more, can happen in a matter of minutes using Anmol’s tools and DApps.

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