Apple Studio Display has 64GB of storage, but only 2GB used


Apple’s Studio Display comes with 64GB of built-in storage, but only 2GB is actually used by the display, a developer has discovered.

As pointed out by the developer “Khaos Tian” on Twitter, the Studio Display only uses 2GB of its 64GB of internal NAND storage. Some free space is probably needed for firmware updates, but the 62GB of unused space is apparently useless right now. Apple hasn’t confirmed how much internal storage the Studio Display has in its tech specs.

The finding is perhaps unsurprising given that the Studio Display contains an A13 Bionic chip. The A13 Bionic was introduced with the iPhone 11 lineup in 2019, before being offered in the second-generation iPhone SE and ninth-generation iPad. None of these devices have ever been available in storage configurations below 64GB, which may suggest that smaller amounts of NAND storage are incompatible with the A13’s storage controller.

Economies of scale may also be responsible, with production costs to pair the A13 with a smaller amount of storage potentially costing more than the same 64GB system currently used in the ‌iPhone 11‌ which is still on sale and the ‌iPad‌. ninth generation.

The discovery means that, overall, the Studio Display packs the exact same A13 Bionic 2.65GHz chip, 12MP ultra-wide front camera setup with Center Stage, and base 64GB storage setup as the ‌iPad‌ of ninth generation. It’s also now clear that the Studio Display has better specs than the second-generation Apple TV 4K, which sports an A12 Bionic chip and a base storage configuration of just 32GB.

Last week it emerged that the Studio Display is running the full version of iOS 15.4, with the exact same version used by the iPhone and ‌iPad‌, which means updates to the display’s features will be part of it. iOS updates.

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