Autel Maxi US AC W10-N14-H Home Electric Vehicle Charger on sale at €129.90


Electric vehicles (EVs) have been gaining ground lately and their numbers are sure to increase exponentially in the coming years. All major automakers now offer electric vehicle models, so it’s not just down to Teslas. And the global push for greener energy solutions will be the driving force in the years to come. But you can’t just charge such a car from your normal household electrical outlet. Autel Maxi US AC W10-N14-H can offer its services for this and now it is eReduced Fri for Amazon Prime Exclusive Discounts.

Autel is a global company focused on exploring the sustainable development of better people, better vehicles, new technologies and new energies. In the global technology market, Autel has a global presence and is committed to providing customers with valuable, reliable and intelligent products. And their product slogan “Green Energy Powers the Future” certainly looks to the emissions-free days ahead.

Powerful home charger for your electric vehicle

The Autel Maxi US AC Wallbox W10-N14-H can also provide quite fast charging, with up to 40A it will charge your EV about 7 times faster than Tier 1 competition. to 30 miles of range per hour thanks to its J1772 ports with ease. The charger also has high NEMA 4 protection levels, excellent heat dissipation and an expected lifespan of approximately 10 years. The installation is quite simple and you can complete it in just 8 minutes. So it’s really for everyone.

Owners will also enjoy other key benefits. Like real-time notifications and reports, Bluetooth connection LED indicators or convenient controls via phone app or RFID. And with remote OTA firmware updates, you’ll also be automatically up-to-date with the latest software. Adaptive load management will also help your home manage its energy consumption. Thus, the bulls of electricity do not get out of control.

Surprisingly low price

And Prime Exclusive discounts for Amazon members will be reduce the price of Autel Maxi US AC W10-N14-H to fantastic levels. On July 11 straight, you’ll save $111 off the official price of $559 and get a 19.86% discount for just $448. And from July 12 to July 13, the price will still improve slightly with 20% off and $447.2. So if you’re thinking about EV, it can be quite a bargain.


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