BT Warning: The One Simple Mistake That Will Slow Your Broadband


With the price of energy reaching record highs, we are all looking for simple ways to shave pennies off our monthly electricity bill. A pretty obvious thing to do every night before going to bed is to turn off all the power-hungry gadgets that are scattered around our homes. This can offer some serious saving with a recent report from EcoCostSavings suggesting that a TV left on standby 24 hours a day can use around £11 a year of energy on its own.

It might make you think that heading to power outlets every night is a great idea, but before you start switching off, there’s one device that’s best left on.

BT is warning millions of customers to make sure they leave their routers powered on at all times because unplugging that flashing black box can wreak havoc on internet speeds. There are two main reasons why it’s not a good idea to turn off your router at night.

First, BT often pushes vital updates to its devices overnight, because releasing those updates when most people are in bed means there’s less disruption to its network.

If your router is off, the update won’t install and that’s bad news, especially since these changes often include security patches, firmware fixes, and performance upgrades.

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Another reason why you should never turn off your router is that it can trick BT into thinking there is a problem with the line. This can then cause automatic speed reductions in an effort to ensure you stay online.

Further explaining why customers should always leave their routers on, BT said: “It is important to ensure that you leave your hub on and connected at all times. This will allow us to give you the fastest and most efficient service. stable, and ensure your hub is kept up to date.

“Constant hub shutdown makes the line choppy, which means your speed may be automatically reduced to improve the reliability of your broadband connection.”

Besides the router, the telco also says it’s a good idea for TV customers to keep their set-top boxes in standby mode.

Again, this is due to BT releasing updates overnight which will not install if the box is turned off.

“We recommend leaving your box on standby overnight, as that’s when it automatically receives updates,” confirmed.

Obviously, some gadgets can be turned off overnight to help you save energy. Just make sure your router stays fully powered on when you go to bed.


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