Cardano aims to get $1 per ADA. Does have what it takes to achieve the same price?

0 (GLO) is a new decentralized project that is gaining popularity among investors. Scheduled to launch on November 19, is in the middle of its initial coin offering (ICO). With this, investors are flocking to the project, hoping to buy as many GLO tokens as possible before its price skyrockets. But will the price of GLO really skyrocket, and if so, by how much? Some experts say it could grow as much as Cardano (ADA) in the coming months.

Grow with (GLO)

To understand its growth potential, we must first consider as a project. is the next-generation social currency for a decentralized economy that introduces groundbreaking features such as the Community Asset Vault, Ultra-Burn mechanism, and multi-signature authentication system.

The Community Asset Vault houses various digital assets to ensure that GLO has a strong asset base protecting its value from the vagaries of the traditional market. With this vault, also offers crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to invest in (and own) a range of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, real-world assets and rare non-fungible tokens. (NFT).

The Ultra-Burn mechanism concerns a hyper-deflationary strategy programmed to buy back GLO tokens on the market and burn them. The burning process constantly reduces the total supply of GLO tokens over time. As such, the protocol is designed to continually bring benefits to token holders.

With its earning-oriented structure, attracts a wide range of investors. Analysts predict that the price of GLO will hit $0.89 on launch day. They also predict that it will cross the $1.23 mark before the end of 2024.

Incremental gains with Cardano (ADA)

The price predictions for mirror, if not exceed, those of Cardano (ADA), the decentralized blockchain platform that involves minimal energy costs and high throughputs to enable various applications. The team behind Cardano aims to push the price of ADA to $1, which is a modest amount considering other analysts have higher plans. For example, Changelly predicts that the minimum price of ADA will be $1.87 in 2025. The price of $1 is also far from the peak price of ADA of $3 in September 2021, as shown in the chart of CoinMarketCap.

At press time, ADA was trading at $0.40. With the completion of its Vasil hard fork upgrade, the Cardano community is confident that network capacity will increase. The network also recently implemented the Plutus V2 cost model to reduce smart contract transaction costs. ADA enthusiasts expect these improvements to make ADA more attractive and valuable in the market.

The bottom line

Cardano (ADA) could break above the $1 mark, which means buying it now could result in a return of more than 100%. (GLO) is also a viable addition to investors’ portfolios, with price predictions that go beyond $1. Additionally, GLO is currently on presale, providing investors with a rare opportunity to gain early access to this promising crypto project.

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