Classic Doom works in Windows Notepad: with sound effects and 60 frames per second [] Arogedy (hybrid) was developed


In the past, humanity’s goal was to boot id Softwares classic 1993 Doom on the wackiest and least practical software: refrigerators, calculators, pregnancy tests, and one day the creator of Doom must practice on the back of the doom. Now a blogger has shown on YouTube how to play this game with a standard Windows notepad application.

To help

Notepad started in 1983 to promote the use of the mouse with the Microsoft Disk operating system, also known as MSDOS. The program is part of all versions of Windows, and YouTuber Samperson (Sam Chiet) has proven that it can even be used to recreate Doom’s footage at 60 fps.

I have DOOM running in Notepad at 60 fps

Samperson (samnelsonia) October 9, 2022

Sam says he didn’t break the video or rewrite the notepad code. Each frame is rendered using application characters similar to ASCII drawing. The artwork, of course, is modest and playing Doom with Notepad probably won’t be fun, but this method is successfully included in the huge list of original features used to create the legendary shooter.


Front end development

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Chiet insists that his porting is not a gimmick, but since there are many documents available as evidence, it is difficult to confirm this. The blogger says he will release the code in the next few days, after fixing some bugs.

However, John Romero, author of Doom, was impressed and warned the reviewer in a tweet saying the animation is amazing.


(@romero) 9:20 a.m. Oct.

The 1993 cult shooter can be viewed on Chietas’ YouTube channel. The gameplay seems quite smooth, as does the screentearing. This is probably because Notepad can’t display text fast enough on the screen.

The source code for Doom was released in 1997 for non-commercial use and since then hundreds if not thousands of slightly weird projects have been implemented on this computer. The developers put the game in a low-spec Playdate computer, an Ikea smart lamp, or even an OLED display of a small LEGO computer. Sick Codes worked with modder Skelegant to run the game on a John Deere tractor screen. The reddit section is dedicated to old hardware.

For Microsoft software products, there was a need that arose earlier this year for Doom to be done in Excel. When it comes to noisy notebook graphics, spreadsheets with low frame rates make gaming difficult.

Doom was released in 1993 and is a first-person shooter developed for the old MS-DOS operating system. A game isn’t necessary in the real world, but computing and graphics have come a long way since it was released nearly 30 years ago. In 2020, Bethesda announced that they had updated Doom and Doom II with a slew of modern features. Major update brings games into the modern world with 60fps support that was originally pegged at 35fps which was more than enough for the 90s but very odd for people who gamed on screens with a frequency of 144 Hz.

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