Clearwater County Selects sera4’s Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Secure Broadband Assets


The middle provider finds an easier way to manage remote network asset sites.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO–Clearwater County, a rural community in Alberta, Canada, has chosen Sera4’s Teleporte keyless platform to provide secure, scalable, and simple access control for its broadband Internet assets.

The Clearwater County Broadband Internet Project aims to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to county residents and businesses. Most of the county is underserved by available Internet services, especially those that meet Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) standards for broadband speeds. This multi-year initiative requires the establishment of a high-capacity broadband backbone structure throughout the county, which required critical new infrastructure and cooperation between the county and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and service providers. Wireless Internet Service (WISP).

Clearwater County covers an area of ​​nearly 18,700 km2 and the infrastructure supporting the broadband internet project is spread throughout the county. With some sites located hundreds of miles from county headquarters, issuing physical keys to employees, contractors and service providers was a logistical challenge. Although the sites themselves are free to access, the county shares secure facilities with ISPs and WISPs, and different keys must be issued to different technicians and contractors to maintain the infrastructure.

Clearwater County broadband technologist Tim Quinn wanted to completely eliminate the management of keys and access cards and was looking for a solution that would allow his team to grant and revoke access to various users as needed. without having to travel to remote sites.

“Teleporte provides a unified platform that makes it easier to manage access across the broadband network and saves us the time, effort and cost of losing keys, changing locks or replacing access cards,” says Quinn.

Clearwater County tested Teleporte-enabled lock controllers at a shelter in Ferrier, Alberta. Quinn was impressed that the solution withstood the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter, and they built two new shelters with pre-installed interlock controllers. Expansion plans for the Teleporte solution include swing handles with customer-side locking controllers, allowing ISPs access to their cabinet bays, and Teleporte-enabled padlocks on site doors. This deployment approach will ensure a completely keyless workflow on the site, which provides operational efficiency, and will provide detailed access logs, which contributes to site security.

“Teleporte is easy to set up and allows us to provide short or long term access to different sites, locks and doors, all through the same platform,” says Quinn. “We can issue and revoke keys from anywhere. If someone leaves the county, or an ISP, or a provider has a technician leaving the company, it’s easy to remove them from the platform. It is worth its weight in gold”.

Clearwater County has also found that using Teleporte adds an extra layer of security for contractors and technicians. “When we send out a work order, we know when the technician is coming and going,” explains Quinn. “It’s important when we send people to remote sites; if someone doesn’t show up or lock out as expected, it alerts us that we need to check it out. »

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote locations around the world. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating on four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the largest service providers in the world.

“We are thrilled to work with Clearwater County, and it is a privilege to serve and support projects that help enable the delivery of high-speed Internet,” said Eric Corej, vice president of global sales. at Sera4. “We look forward to working with Tim as he expands the use of Teleporte throughout the county, and we are proud to provide a solution he can rely on to keep Clearwater County residents and businesses connected.”


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