CSA Launches Matter IoT Protocol for Simple and Secure Device Interoperability


This article appeared in Microwave and RF and has been published here with permission.

What you will learn:

  • What is the Matter Protocol?
  • How Matter facilitates IoT integration.
  • How matter is deployed.

At a recent launch event in Amsterdam, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) released the Matter 1.0 IoT interoperability protocol, with many members showcasing examples of their Matter-based products and solutions. Presentations covered a wide range of smart home applications including occupancy sensors, smart plugs, door locks, lighting, gateways, platform components and Matter-based software solutions . At this point, 190 products have received certification or are awaiting testing and certification.

Matter is intended to address the final aspect of IoT device integration, trust, and security. Since the protocol was published, there have been thousands of downloads of the Matter specification and the Matter SDK. Additionally, eight accredited testing labs are active at 16 locations in nine countries, helping developers bring Matter products to market.

IoT inflection point

“This is a major inflection point for the IoT. As we become more connected and break down the walls between the digital and physical world, we must work together to make those connections meaningful. Matter and our members s ‘are tackling this challenge head-on,” said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of ASC (see picture). “Through collaboration, inclusivity and a deep sense of responsibility to the marketplace and consumers, Matter has the power to create a more connected, safe and useful smart home.”

At the Matter launch event, member companies such as Amazon, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, and Tuya Smart spoke about their perspectives and offerings on Matter and how they see their position in the ecosystem. IoT. Additionally, several smart home product demonstrators were available for a variety of spaces, from lighting and electrical to safety and security sensors.

Beyond current offerings, the Alliance intends to build teams to address applications such as doors and gates, environmental quality, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and motion and motion detection. ambient presence.

matter ecosystem

Matter 1.0 is touted as a robust ecosystem upon release, with authorized test labs for product certification, test harnesses and tools available to the developer community, and the open-source reference design SDK is complete and downloadable. Additionally, CSA members who have already deployed devices with plans to update them to support Matter can do so once their products are certified.

“What started as a mission to unravel the complexities of connectivity has culminated in Matter, a unique, global IP-based protocol that will fundamentally change the IoT,” said Richardson. “This release is the first step in a journey our community and industry are on to make IoT simpler, more secure, and more valuable no matter who you are or where you live. With global support from businesses, leading and small, today’s Matter 1.0 release is more than a milestone for our organization and our members; it’s a celebration of what is possible.

Matter’s underlying networking technologies come from Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Thread, using Bluetooth Low Energy for device provisioning and Wi-Fi for high-bandwidth LAN and cloud communications. Thread provides an energy efficient and highly reliable mesh network within the home.

Matter also uses security policies and processes based on distributed ledger technology and public key infrastructure to validate device certification and provenance. This will help ensure users are connecting genuine, certified, and up-to-date devices to their homes and networks.


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