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The Aqara G3 has been around for about 9 months now – if you include its initial release in mainland China – but when it started showing up internationally, Aqara’s international sites showed the G3 to be capable of sound personalized, even if it wasn’t. That’s so far it seems, with the latest firmware update (v3.3.9) finally making it possible to add your own audio files to the G3 which can then be used in automations. This is a feature that already comes standard with the newer G2H Pro, so it’s great to see Aqara delivering on its promise to finally add this feature to the G3.

currently it is available for G3 cameras connected to Mainland China server, and we don’t know if this update has been rolled out internationally, but we are told that Aqara’s international beta testing operations have used this feature on international models of the G3, so it’s definitely coming if it hasn’t already.

The latest update has a few fixes and additional features, including optimizations and Wi-Fi updates, but the custom ringtone is something many will be happy about. In the camera settings of the Aqara app, you now get a new “Custom Ringtone” option.

There are several ways to import audio files, although it’s not immediately clear, but we found that the easiest way for iOS users was to upload audio files to iCloud Drive, which you can then access via your iPhone from inside. the Aqara app.

It should be noted that these custom ringtones/audio files can only be used in automations in the Aqara app, not in HomeKit, at least not directly, but since most Aqara product lines are HomeKit compatible, it is safe to say that you only need to be a little creative to get great results. I found the custom voice greetings based on the G3’s facial recognition feature to be pretty new for sure, but you can create audio files that are at least a bit more unique than the generic sounds offered in the Aqara app for alarms and ringtones.

You can discover this feature on the G2H Pro, via our video for the Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock (from 11’15”)


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