Cyberattacks in Ukraine could be a sign of things to come


Your accounts and devices are always exposed to cyberattacks. You could be personally targeted or be one of the thousands or millions of victims if a company you have an account with is hacked.

The Red Cross was recently targeted by cybercriminals, exposing the data of over half a million people. Tap or click here for our report.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine coincided with a wave of cyberattacks. Data erasure software has been found on hundreds of computers in Ukraine due to a growing number of attacks. Keep reading to find out what’s going on and how you might be affected.

Here is the backstory

On Wednesday, cybersecurity research firm ESET said on Twitter that it had discovered new data-erasing malware circulating in Ukraine.

ESET also said the malware was installed on hundreds of machines and “the attack could have been in the works for almost two months.” Cybersecurity software company Symantec is investigating the attacks and has found evidence that they are also happening in Lithuania.

Symantec identifies the malware as Trojan.Killdisk, which comes “in the form of an executable file, which is signed by a certificate issued to Hermetica Digital Ltd”. After the file is executed, the wiper corrupts the Master Boot Record, rendering it unusable.

Symantec has also observed ransomware being deployed against organizations alongside the eraser. This shows that the ransomware may have been used as a decoy in the wiping attacks.

Reuters reports that Russia has denied accusations that it was involved in the attacks.

stay safe

Although these specific attacks are not yet happening in the United States, it is more important than ever to ensure that public and private sector systems are secure. The same goes for your personal devices such as computers and smartphones.

Follow these tips to reduce the risk of being hacked:

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