Don’t get your WiFi hacked! Check if the password is secure


Hints on whether the Wi-Fi password is secure

It’s not enough to have Wi-Fi network password, because this way a hacker could break it and gain access to the connection. It is essential to take certain measures and for this reason you will be able to see some of the most important ones below. If you see failures, your wireless network is not properly protected.

you changed it

The first clue is see if you have changed the password or not Wi-Fi. Do you keep the same one that came from the factory when you bought the device or did the operator install it for you? Have you changed the password and are you using a different one? It is essential to protect the Wi-Fi password. It is a mistake to keep the same one that comes from the factory.

If you leave the default password enabled, an attacker could exploit a vulnerability or use different methods to find the password for a given pattern. On the other hand, putting a different one will make this task very difficult and you can make the connection more secure. It is important to always change the Wi-Fi password.

It’s totally random

Of course, another issue to consider is whether the Wi-Fi dongle is totally random or, on the contrary, you use certain words or numbers that may concern you, which you will remember more easily. For example, it is a mistake to put your name, date of birth, mobile number… Any such combination will seriously compromise your security.

So what should this password look like? Interestingly, it contains letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. It should always be random, which is hard to remember. If this is the case for you, your Wi-Fi password is secure and you will have more options to avoid intruders.

It has good encryption

You can also consult the encryption type who has this Wi-Fi key. A password for the wireless network is not secure if it does not use really strong encryption. For example, you should avoid outdated encryptions such as WEP or WPA. They are old, some have vulnerabilities and this allows an intruder to take advantage of them to steal the password.

Today, the most common encryption is WPA3. However, there are still many devices that are not compatible, such as routers, computers, mobile phones… In this case you will have to use WPA2, which is also reliable as long as you have them updated correctly and that ‘they cannot be attacked.

You don’t use it elsewhere

Also, another way to see if this Wi-Fi network password is secure or not is to think if you are. use elsewhere or only in the router network. If you use it somewhere else, like a social network, email, or internet registry, it could be a security issue. This could produce what is called a domino effect and if someone discovers the password of an Internet forum and you use the same on Wi-Fi, they could enter.

Therefore, whenever you are going to create a good Wi-Fi password, you must consider the importance of making it unique and not using it elsewhere on the network, even if it is a social network or a forum that you hardly use.

In short, as you can see, there are some factors you can consider to determine whether the Wi-Fi password you are using is reliable or not. It is essential that you use one that is, because that way you will get good performance and you will not have problems with your equipment.


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