EMUI 12 for Huawei P30 Lite attracts more users


HarmonyOS 3.0 has been released and Huawei has not confirmed this rollout for the global market. Therefore, the Chinese technology manufacturer could offer us EMUI 13 in the second half of this year based on a new version of Android.

Although it is a dubious basis, we could expect Huawei to finally deliver a new version of Android with EMUI 13. If that happens, we would definitely like to see the latest Android dynamic theme on EMUI 13 .

Before continuing the discussion, we must see what the dynamic theme is.

Dynamic theme:

Introduced with Android 12 and powered by Material you designThe dynamic theme feature allows you to transform the look of the entire UI around the current/selected home screen wallpaper.

So how does it work? Well, you just need to select a wallpaper and apply it on the home or lock screen. The system will offer you the option to select a color palette, consisting of primary, dark and accent colors, as well as a dark mode color.

Once selected, the default phone theme will be changed with the color scheme including status bar, notification bar, app icons and other UI related areas.

Compatible Devices:

If Huawei really plans to adopt a new Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it could also opt for Android 12 or Android 13. However, Android 12 would be fine, in the process. But Huawei will also have to choose devices that could actually run Android 12 or later, as it’s important to determine eligibility for older models.

Speaking of eligibility, devices launched with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) might be the most favorable for this scenario. On the other hand, the company may leave EMUI 12 devices for GMS-powered devices.

Nothing is confirmed yet but we will let you know if EMUI 13 inherits the Android dynamic theme feature.


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