Expense invoice: Discounts on heat pumps, stoves, windows and more



Phil Snow of Power Shift Solar installs a solar panel in a home Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Congress passed transformative climate change that includes incentives to accelerate the expansion of clean energy such as wind and solar power, accelerating the transition away from oil, coal and gas that largely cause climate change. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


Looking for a new heating or air conditioning system? The Windows? A cooker?

The federal government wants to help provide you with these and other energy products and services with rebates and tax breaks.

The big spending bill the House approved on Friday and sent to President Joe Biden for his signature has billions of dollars earmarked to encourage people to buy energy-efficient appliances and services.

California already offers assistance for energy efficiency measures. State officials see great benefits for California residents in the federal legislation and are studying the precise impact.

Climate change activists have been calling for such measures for years. The bill’s provisions are “by far the most important steps Congress has ever taken to spur the large-scale deployment of highly efficient, all-electric, climate-free technologies,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, D- New Mexico, a leader in this field. effort.

And, said Ari Matusiak, CEO of Rewiring America, it reaches consumers where it matters most.

“It recognizes all the things we use in our daily lives,” he said.

Republicans have criticized the energy plan, calling it too much of a break for middle-class homeowners who don’t need such help.

Democrats “want to lavish hundreds of billions of dollars on an issue that exactly 3% of the country says is our biggest problem: far-left environmental and climate spending,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said. , Kentucky.

Save with discounts

There are two levels of reimbursement.

To recoup half of what one is entitled to for a particular item or service, a person would need to earn between 81% and 150% of the area’s median household income. To get a full refund, their income would need to be 80% or less of the median.

In California, using the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s median income estimate for 2022, 80% of the median family income in the Sacramento area is $81,600 and 150% is $153,000.

Here are some of the discounts that would be available, according to Rewiring America, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Senator Heinrich’s office:

Heat pump water heaters, up to $1,750.

Electric range, range or cooktop, up to $840.

Heat pump electric dryer, up to $840.

Improved electrical breaker box, up to $4,000

Upgraded electrical wiring, up to $2,500.

Insulation, ventilation and sealing, up to $1,600.

Fiscal advantages

Purchase and install heat pumps, insulate or upgrade circuit breaker boxes to accommodate additional electrical load, up to 30% of cost. Deductions are capped at $600 per appliance or service and up to $1,200 per household per year.

Purchase and installation of a heat pump water heater or heat pump for heating and cooling their premises, up to $2,000.

Windows, up to $600.

Central air conditioning, up to $600.

Solar power systems, 30% of cost, including systems installed this year.

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