Finding iPhone Files on Windows System


Q: Before, I could plug my phone into my Windows computer and it would show me the folders so I could see my photos. It was an easy way to move pictures efficiently, but now I have an iPhone 11 and can’t find an easy way to do it. I prefer not to buy an app. Is there a way to make this work?

A: When you connect iPhone to Windows computer, you should be able to see the phone listed in File Explorer as an item under This PC.

Here you can double click on the device and navigate to Internal Storage, then DCIM and you will see the folders that contain your photos on your iPhone.

Keep in mind that when you connect your iPhone to your PC, you should be careful of the phone pop-ups that ask you to confirm that you want to allow this access. If you don’t, you might see your phone, but the folders will appear empty.

Once you have access to the folders, you can copy the pictures to your PC and even delete any pictures you no longer want on your phone.

If the phone does not show up in File Explorer, you may need to reinstall the Apple mobile device driver, which is used by Windows to interact with your iPhone.

To do this, make sure the phone is connected to your PC and then open Device Manager.

From there click to expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers category and find USB Driver for Apple Mobile Device. If you don’t see it, look under Universal Serial Bus Devices or Mobile Devices.

Once you find it, double click on it, then select the Driver tab, then click Uninstall device and follow the instructions.

Once this is done, disconnect the phone and then reconnect it and your system should reinstall the driver you need to access your phone.

Q: I have a Comcast email address and have always defined groups of different addresses from my address book so that I can easily insert those addresses on my Bcc line before sending the message. Until recently, this system worked wonderfully, but now it no longer works. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Comcast / Xfinity explaining the problem, but they were not helpful. What do you suggest?

A: One of the biggest challenges in getting technical support is making sure you’re contacting the right company for help.

In this case, your problem is not a Comcast problem, it is an application problem.

Comcast provides your email account, but they probably don’t have a support team ready to troubleshoot applications used to access your email beyond basic connection setups.

Your best bet would be to ask for help with your email applications.

If you are using Outlook, try posting your question to the Microsoft Community on the Microsoft Community at If you use Apple Mail, Apple has a great support forum at

[email protected]


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