G Pen launches the Elite II, its most advanced weed vaporizer yet


Over the past 10 years, G Pen from Grenco Science has released some of the best weed vaporizers on the market. (There must be a reason why the mark appears twice on our list of the best weed vaporizers.) To celebrate a decade of heights in the weed industry, G Pen has launched a new portable weed vaporizer – the G Pen Elite II – which is the culmination of years of research.

“Grenco Science is proud to introduce a flagship product with the Elite II, the culmination of 10 years of cannabis vaporization advancements for our consumers,” Grenco Science CEO Chris Folkerts said in a press release. “Incorporating feedback from the community we’ve created since inception allows us to continue improving our product line for the best experience.”

The G Pen Elite II is an updated version of the original Elite, which itself was a great weed vaporizer. The new Elite II uses hybrid heating, which makes the most of convection and conduction heating – conduction directly heats dried herb, while convection circulates hot air to prevent burns and create better vapors through uniform and thorough heating. While convection weed vaporizers tend to reduce a device’s portability, the Elite II retains the small size of the original, while slimming it down and creating a sleeker weed vape.

The new weed vaporizer is the first from G Pen to use a patented clean air intake, which prevents vapors from coming into contact with the device’s delicate electronics. Its mouthpiece is made of zirconia, which brings cooler vapor to your mouth and protects your lips from burning. Users can adjust the temperature of the Elite II between 200° and 430° Fahrenheit, to help them explore the full spectrum of flavors in their dried herb. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the Elite II can track your usage and download firmware updates.

The G Pen Elite Pen II is available now from Grenco Science and Vapor.com, priced at $250. The weed vaporizer includes a silicone sleeve, travel case, USB to USB-C charging cable, and built-in pick tool.

Price: $250


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