Google’s new version of Chrome OS capable of running on Windows PCs and Macs


Google is finally ready to bring the Chrome OS platform for Windows PCs and Macs to market. The company released a new version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Flex that was designed for businesses and schools, as mentioned in this Google blog post on Tuesday.

The Chrome OS Flex is still available in early access mode, which suggests that the platform may have a few bugs and issues that will be ironed out during testing. But Google is now asking people to try Chrome OS Flex on their Windows and Mac machines, which not only gives them better hardware support, but also provides Google Play Store access for millions of Android apps.

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Google says Chrome OS Flex has the same code as the original Chrome OS platform, ensuring that all Chrome OS Flex users and systems have a unified computing experience and support.

Chrome OS Flex is similar in appearance and design to the original Chrome OS.

Seamless switching from one Chromebook to another is also possible with Chrome OS Flex for businesses, by enrolling their employees with Chromebooks.

So how do you try Google’s Chrome OS Flex today? Google says you just need a USB stick and a compatible PC or Mac to run the platform. And the good news is that Chrome OS Flex is free to download. Boot the Chrome OS Flex platform from the USB, then install Chrome OS Flex on the PC or Mac, which replaces your existing operating system.

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Google has confirmed that a stable version of Chrome OS Flex will be available in the coming months. Chrome OS Flex was made possible after Google bought a startup called Neverware. This startup had a product called CloudReady that allowed Chrome OS to run on Windows and Mac systems.

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Google eventually adopted this app into a Chrome product in the form of Chrome OS Flex.

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