How to Add and Configure Your Printer by IP Address in Windows 11


Adding the IP address details often makes the difference

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  • If your printer has network printing capabilities, you can add it as a network printer in Windows 11.
  • The Add Printer Wizard includes all configuration options to add a printer by IP address.
  • Set up Windows 11 printer sharing by enabling network discovery and setting a printer to share.


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Printers have unique IP address numbers to connect to networks. Users can configure wireless printers with these IP addresses for network printing.

Windows 11 has a Windows Service Demand (WSD) port for connecting printers, but this may not be reliable. Some users may prefer to configure printers with IP addresses in Windows 11.

Can you add a printer by IP address?

Configuring a printer in Windows 11 with its IP address is relatively simple. Here we will see how you can add a printer by IP address on Windows 11 PCs.

You can configure a printer by IP address with the Windows 11 Add Printer wizard as shown in the instructions below.

This wizard includes an option to add printers with TCP/IP protocols, so read on to learn more.

What is my IP address?

Many printers have small LCD screens where you can find their IP address details. Browse the network configuration section on your printer’s display screen to find the IP address.

If your printer does not have a display screen, try printing its configuration page, which includes the IP address.

You can often print such pages by holding down the printers power buttons for a few seconds. Read the instructions in the manual on how to print the test page.

How to add a printer by IP in Windows 11?

1. Press the the Windows + I key combination to open Settings.

2. Select Bluetooth and devices and choose Printers and scanners.

3. Click the Add device button.

add device printers and scanners

4. Then click on the Add manually link to bring up the wizard.

add optional printers and scanners

5. Select the Add a printer using an IP address or hostname option and click Next to display the IP settings.

add printer using ip address windows 11

6. Click the TCP/IP device possibility on the Device type scrolling menu.

IP device options

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7. Enter your printer’s IP address in the Host Name or IP Address box.

8. Enter the same IP address in port name field.

9. Make sure the Query Printer the box is checked.

query print options

10. Click Next for Windows to locate the printer.

11. Next you will see a message informing you that you have added the printer. You can change the printer name in the text box or leave it as it is.

12. Press Next to display printer sharing options.

13. If you want the printer to be shared with other devices on your network, select Share this printer option. If not, click the Don’t share radio button.

share this printer option

14. Select Next again to achieve Print the test page button, which you can click if you want.

print a windows 11 test page

15. Press the Add a printer wizard Finish button to complete the setup.

You can add a printer by IP address through the Printers & Scanners settings, with the Add Printer wizard. This option is recommended if your printer is not detected automatically.

After adding your printer, you can customize its name and other settings. Additionally, you can press the Windows Update button in the wizard to select your printer brand and model for driver installation.

How can I configure a printer on a network?

To share a printer on a home network, Windows 11 network discovery and printer sharing features must be enabled. Here’s how to set up a network printer for sharing:

1. Enable Network Discovery

  1. Press Run the Windows + R key combination and enter this text in the Open box: control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter
  2. Click on OKAY to open the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Select the Change advanced sharing settings browse options.
    Change Windows 11 Advanced Sharing Settings Option Add Printer by IP
  4. Then select the Enable network discovery radio button if this option is disabled.
    Enable Windows 11 Network Discovery option adds printer by IP
  5. Click it Enable file and printer sharing option.
  6. press the to safeguard changes button.

2. Select a printer to share

  1. When you have enabled network discovery and printer sharing, type printers and scanners in the Begin menu search box. Select Printers and scanners to open the Settings page.
  2. Select a printer to share.
  3. Click it Printer Properties option.
    Windows 11 printer properties option add printer by IP
  4. Select the Share this printer checkbox on the Share tongue.
    Checkbox Share this printer Windows 11 Add a printer by IP
  5. Hurry Apply to share the printer.

After adding a printer with an IP address, you can start printing from any device on your network.

Note that the guidelines here also apply to Windows 10 as it has the same Add Printer wizard. So you can add printers by IP addresses and share them in Windows 10 in the same way.

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