How to Disable a Built-in Camera in Windows 10 or Windows 11


If you keep an eye on the latest cybersecurity trends, you might agree that keeping your camera powered off, at least when you’re not using it for a long period of time, can be in your best interest.

In the following, we will cover the exact step-by-step method to disable the built-in camera on your Windows computer. So let’s get started.

How to Disable a Built-in Camera in Windows

No one needs to sing the virtues of a compact, good-quality Camera app, especially in the new work-from-home culture that feels more like cultural change and the future of work than a simple mode, as some experts have done. predicted earlier.

Through your webcam, you can not only connect with your colleagues online in real time, but you will also have the ability to improve team links that might not be available in online text applications.

Unfortunately, however, like most things in technology, your computer’s camera is not immune to abuse. For example, hackers can sometimes break into your PC through various techniques, most commonly by installing malware, and take control of your camera. When this happens, your camera effectively screens out unauthorized people; who can turn it on or off, record things at will, etc., all remotely.

Indeed, keeping your camera off, especially when you don’t plan to use it for a while, might not be overly precautionary as some people think. Here’s how you can start:

First, launch the settings menu by pressing the key Windows key + I shortcut. Otherwise, head to the The start menu search bar, type in “parameters” and select the best match.

Now click on Privacy and select the Camera settings app icon. Finally, disable the Allow apps to access your camera ability to block third-party apps from accessing your camera.

If you are using Windows 11, only the specifics will be slightly different. Here is what it will look like:

To disable your camera in Windows 11, simply disable the camera access button from the top and you’ll be good to go.

Disable your camera via Device Manager

For some reason, if you’re having trouble disabling your camera through the Settings menu, it’s best to rely on your device manager.

Device Manager is the central component of your PC that lets you centralize Here’s how you can get started.

Head to the The start menu search bar, type “device manager” and select the best match. In Device Manager, select the Camera right-click the camera, then select Disable device.

Device Manager

From there, you will get a confirmation dialog. Click on Yes to confirm and your Windows Camera will be disabled successfully.

Disabling the built-in camera in your Windows

By turning off your Windows camera when you’re not using it, you’ll make your PC a bit more secure. However, while this is an important aspect of your cybersecurity, there is more to cybersecurity than simply turning off your cameras. For example, we have covered various aspects of security that you should never take for granted. Read it and see if you are following any privacy sabotaging practices.

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