How to find your local and external IP address?


Your device’s IP address is an important and critical piece of information that you don’t know or think about too often. There are times when you might need to access it. For example, when you need to access your NAS box to explore content, run a web-based server, or connect to a homemade VPN. To do all this, one must know the internal and external IP and how it works.

External and internal IP addresses

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The term IP address is divided into 2 categories, the first is internal IP address and the second is external IP address. Internal IP is a specific address given by your local network to all internal devices. For example, your router issues different internal IP addresses for each device so that it can distinguish between devices connected to it.

While on the other hand, an external IP address allows the World Wide Web to know the network address of your router. This allows the online web to identify each router as a separate device. In other words, we can also say that the external IP is a larger scale internal IP for service providers. Now the question arises, how to find your IP address whether external or internal? Here’s how you can do it.

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Find an external IP address

Visit, it will show you your IPV4 address as well as the new IPV6 address. Want to know basic IPV4? Visit For now all cases are using IPV4 as the address, but in the near future everyone will just upgrade to IPV6 as it is a more advanced version.

Find internal IP

Finding an internal IP address is not as simple as clicking on certain hyperlinks, for each device it is different.

Internal IP for Windows

Open Command Prompt from Windows Search. Enter the command ipconfig in the command line. You will see your internal IP address in front of you.

Internal IP on MAC

Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Open system preference > network. Select the type of network you are in.

Internal IP in Android

It’s complicated with Androids because different brands have placed the IP information differently. The most common way to find it is to head towards Settings > Network and Wi-Fi > Select the network you have connected to, then press Advance know the information relating to intellectual property.

Internal IP on iPhone

Head into settings, then tap Wi-Fi. There, next to your connected network, there will be an “i” in a circle. Tap it to see the IP address.

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Here are some simple techniques you can try. If by any chance you’re using another device, don’t worry, the IP address is usually in your device’s status in the About section or just check the settings of the Wi-Fi you’re connected from.

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