How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing iOS 15 Updates: Simple Solutions


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Apple may have given you a great user experience with its iOS, but it’s a shame that your iPhone gets stuck preparing for updates. After all, nothing can excite you more than discovering the latest iOS. But what can you do when the update takes time and hampers your patience? Here are our tips + TunesKit iOS System Recovery solutions.

Why is my iPhone stuck while preparing updates?

An iPhone stuck while preparing updates rarely happens. Apple has built its devices with smooth operational features. Best to believe that it will only get better with time. However, this does not guarantee you a seamless update process.

Although there are many reasons why this happens, Apple users report a few major explanations. First, your internet connection. When updating, make sure your connection is stable to avoid encountering this issue.

Second, it is normal to see the storage warning on your phone. You can ignore it for as long as you want. You don’t have to do anything about this, but it will come back to you once the update is available. Thus, you may want to free up some space and delete unnecessary files.

The most common ground of all is a corrupted update. Your iPhone is stuck preparing for updates because something went wrong while downloading the software. Most of the time, other software-related issues appear as well.

How to Fix iOS Stuck While Preparing Update Issue Without Data Loss

Luckily for you, an iPhone stuck on preparing for updates doesn’t warrant a trip to the nearest mobile technician or Apple store. Here are some easy ways to fix this problem:

Tip 1: Check your internet connection.

Tip 2: Is your internet still unstable? Head to Settings > General > Reset and Reset Network Settings.

Tip 3: Sometimes it’s not a matter of internet connection. Go back to Home and work on your stuck iPhone preparing for updates. Next, clear other apps running in the background by pressing the Home button twice.

Tip 4: If closing Settings doesn’t work, force restart your phone. Most iPhones stuck preparing for updates can have their issues resolved with this trick.

Tip 5: Tips 1-4 not working? You might try installing the latest iOS update from iTunes. Just launch iTunes on your PC or laptop. Connect your phone. Click the Download and Update button. Then follow the process displayed automatically on your screen.

This problem is often solved when you use these tips. But in case it doesn’t get you anywhere, you can also fix this problem on your own through the system recovery application available online. But again, this is Apple we’re talking about. It does not respond to non-Apple services or will face malfunction once a third party works on it. There is no in-between.

Luckily, TunesKit iOS System Recovery can fix your iPhone stuck on preparing updates without experiencing data loss or other issues.

How is TunesKit iOS System Recovery the Best Solution?

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is one of the best solutions to fix any common iOS problem. You don’t need to seek help from an Apple technical specialist. This repair tool can fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck on preparing updates or in recovery mode, black screen, etc.

Here is how TunesKit iOS System Recovery can easily get you out of trouble and work on your iPhone stuck on preparing updates.

Step 1: Select Repair Mode

Download and open TunesKit iOS Repair System Recovery for Windows. Next, make sure your device is already connected to the computer. Check if your iPhone has been detected. Once done, click Start and choose Standard mode. Note that the first simple step is to choose this repair mode. Advanced mode will delete your data.

Before moving forward, choose your connected device. This will put you in a hassle-free DFU mode. Then just click Next to continue.


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Step 2: Download iOS Firmware

Download your phone’s iOS firmware and check it. Check again if the model version, iOS version and other information is correct. Manually correct if something is out of place. If all is well, click on Download and the software package corresponding to your device will be downloaded. Quickly check the package afterwards.


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Step 3: Fix your iPhone stuck on preparing updates

Once the package is successfully downloaded, click on the Repair button. Therefore, TunesKit iOS System Recovery automatically starts to repair your device. During the process, keep your iPhone connected until you are done.

Needless to say, if your new iPhone configuration is stuck on preparing updates, this smart repair tool provided by TunesKit can safely get you out of your misery. Take advantage of what your new iOS has to offer and get started on its features right away. Most importantly, it is compatible with repairing iOS 13/14/15 and later versions.


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  • Easy to use : Download TunesKit, open the app and just let the intuitive interface take you to the repair station.

  • Offers 2 Modes: If you are worried about having many complicated problems, you can select 2 modes; Standard and Advanced modes.

  • DFU mode without data loss: One click, and you are already in DFU mode. In standard mode, you won’t have to suffer any data loss at all.

  • Verification of information: Fix your iPhone accurately by checking the information on your device. This toolkit does this automatically, but you can also modify it manually if needed.

  • Quick action: A few clicks and your iPhone stuck on preparing updates is already the least of your problems.

Overall, TunesKit’s solution will make you love your devices more whether you are a first-time Apple user or not. With its easy-to-use repair tool, you won’t have to pay a technician to do the job for you.


  • Fix iOS Stuck While Preparing Update Issue Without Data Loss

  • Uses an intuitive interface where you can simply follow the instructions

  • Has a one-click process to enter Recovery/DFU mode without data loss

  • Verifies information on your iPhone for better accuracy

  • Quickly deal with the problem of your device and repair it immediately

The inconvenients

It turns out that iPhones stuck on preparing updates are easier to fix with TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Using some of the tips is easier, yes, they do not guarantee you a successful repair. Without skills, data loss, complicated technical stuff, etc., this repair tool can save your time and trouble. However, if you still cannot solve your problem, professional help is highly recommended.

Now help yourself and buy TunesKit iOS System Recovery and enjoy a 30% discount using code TTS30, valid until May 25, 2022.

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