How to fix “Unable to get IP address” issue in Android


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Check out how to fix “Unable to get IP address” issue in Android

Wi-Fi, like electricity, has become a necessary commodity. It greatly affects our work. A dropped connection can be annoying or even expensive, and the “IP address could not be acquired” error message that Android users occasionally see means exactly that. Find out how to use it on your Android device in the following sections.

When a user tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the error “The IP address could not be retrieved” occurs. Any connected device receives an IP address through a router. To connect to a router, your device must obtain this address. This notification indicates that an IP configuration error has occurred and the user cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Reconnect to a network

1. Go to Settings;

2. Press on Connections;

3. Click on Wireless;

Four. Long press on the selected Wi-Fi network, then choose Forget the network.

Assign a static IP address to your device

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Press on Connections
  3. To choose Wireless
  4. Long press on the selected Wi-Fi network, then choose Forget the network
  5. Try to reconnect to a network and click Advanced under the password field
  6. Then touch IP configuration Scrolling menu
  7. please select Static
  8. AT IP adress field, replace the last digit of your IP address with any number between 1 and 225
  9. Click on To save money and try the connection again

Restart your router or mobile device

It’s a pretty straightforward method. This should work if the reason is a software problem or a conflict. Each router model has its own control interface, so the reset process may differ. Usually you have to enter the router IP address in the browser to access the control panel and restart it there. To restart your Android phone, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then choose Deactivated.

Change the type of encryption

WPA and AES encryption methods sometimes do not work well with some Android devices. You can try to switch between them. As with the previous method, you will find these settings on the router’s web interface. Most likely, they are classified in the security section. To look for Encryption mode, Encryption method, or a field with a similar name and try to change it. After that reconnect to a network using the first method.

Disable MAC filtering

The MAC address is a unique number assigned to the computer hardware that connects to a network. The MAC filter only allows whitelisted MAC addresses to connect to a network. Your address may not be among these. To turn off MAC filtering, log into your router’s interface through a web browser and search for the Disable / enable MAC filtering or a section with a similar name.

Final Words: How To Fix “Unable To Get IP Address” Problem In Android

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