How to get harris cyberpunk ip address


One of Cyberpunk 2077’s biggest missions, “The Chase,” expects players to tackle a few puzzles, including retrieving Harris’ IP address.
Occurring at a much later stage in Cyberpunk 2077’s story, The Chase takes on a huge role in the game’s main mission. It also denotes the start of V’s close connection with Waterway, assuming players choose their exchanges and their activities as needed.

Source: Fall Guide

Nonetheless, one discretionary objective that various players have faced difficulty with is the part where they have to retrieve Harris’s IP address. To get to this point, they must first open The Chase mission. This should be possible by completing the I Battled the Law side job and encountering Waterway Ward.
Here is the beginning and ending players need to understand to get Harris’ IP in The Chase on Cyberpunk 2077.

The Chase begins with V conversing with Yawen Packard, where the player is approached to travel to the wilderness of Barren and search for Waterway’s nephew’s trailer. It’s in this trailer that Waterway tracks down a PC under the bed and asks V to break into it.

However, to break into the gadget, the player needs a base knowledge level of nine on their expertise tree.

In case the player does not have nine insight focuses, he must find the secret word. The stereo in the lobby contains a clue to the secret word. In case players are still unable to find the secret word, it’s here: Liberum Arbitrium.

After entering the PC, the player should press the “Net” tab at the highest point of the screen. Currently, players will see an image of two individuals to the left.

Tapping on the predetermined image will bring the player to the Tony’s Asylum page. Here they have to press the “Recordings” button, which will greet the player with an error: “ATT_CART_VIDEO” Document NOT Tracked message.
The player should then, at this point, tap on the Documents tab at the highest point of the screen and load the ATT_CART_VIDEO record.

When these races are complete, Waterway has V perform his netrunner magic to retrieve additional data from the PC. From now on, players must exit PC and respond to Waterway. However, to grab Harris’ IP from the PC, the player needs to have something like 12 knowledge points on their Cyberpunk 2077 expertise tree.

In case the player has 12 or more knowledge points, he/she will receive “Definitely” as a reaction to Waterway’s investigation. After choosing the preset response, the player must play a break. When executed effectively, it will have obtained Harris’s IP address in Cyberpunk 2077.


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