How to know if someone is using your WiFi and how to delete it


First, you will need to know if there is an unknown party connected to your Wi-Fi. The router will list all connected devices in real time (via Google). If someone has unauthorized access, you can change your network password or revoke access for each device. Unless you have changed it, the access portal login information will be printed on the back of the router. Recover username and password. Also find the IP address on the router and copy it.

1. Start by opening a browser window on your computer. Or, if your router has a companion app, launch the app on your phone.

2. Enter the IP address you copied into the URL bar.

3. Log in to the router using the username and password you retrieved.

4. If you have a modern router, you can be sure it registers connected devices, but you may need to dig to locate the correct settings.

5. Find a tab that reads something like “connected devices”, “connected devices”, “wireless clients”, “devices online”, or “DHCP lists”. Some modern routers display devices with a title like “Android” or “iPad”. “. So it’s easy to identify a device. But most routers list them as a 12-character string. This is called a unique MAC address for each device. Some routers let you revoke access with a simple toggle next to the connected device (via If yours isn’t, you can use that device’s MAC address to remove it from the network.

When you’ve retrieved a list of all connected devices (and their corresponding MAC addresses), you can do one of two things: Disconnect all your devices and refresh the list or find your devices’ MAC addresses. If none of your devices are connected to Wi-Fi and you still see one on the list, it’s an unwanted guest.

You can also match the MAC address specified in the list with the MAC addresses of your devices (phones, tablets or computers). If the device count or MAC addresses are disabled, your network has an unauthorized connection.


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