How to Reset an Xbox Series X Controller


There are many potential reasons why your Xbox controller won’t stay connected to the console. Battery is perhaps the most common reason for disconnection mid-session – you’d be surprised how often people don’t realize they’re running on empty. It is also possible that the battery has become dislodged, which can happen even with the battery cover installed. Even if you think you’ve charged it enough, the battery can drain extremely quickly if it’s worn out. Newer batteries can also lose a significant amount of charge over time if you go years without using them. You should always try a pair of freshly charged batteries before anything more extreme.

Beyond that, bugs can sometimes disrupt your experience. While early updates fix chronic controller connection issues, new updates may resurface a bug under specific circumstances. If you have applied the latest updates and your problem is getting worse, consider rolling back to the previous firmware until the problem is fixed. Microsoft explains how to roll back firmware on its support website; you can do this using the console or a PC.

If none of these potential issues are responsible for your controller issues, there are a few other things that could be going on. The controller may be in pairing mode, removed from the console, or paired to another device. If so, double tap the pairing button to return to the console. Beyond that, other wireless headsets, controllers, and Wi-Fi devices can cause interference, so try to limit the use of other wireless devices while gaming. Finally, the controller may have a bad wireless radio. Test with another controller to see if the problem persists.


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