How to Share Your WiFi Password from Your iPhone


We understood. It is important to protect your privacy and have a strong WiFi password.

But when your friend comes to watch The single person and needs WiFi to be able to follow the talk on Twitter, sharing a password that looks like your cat stepped on your keyboard is the definition of tedious. Thanks to Apple, there is now a feature that helps you easily share your WiFi password from your iPhone.

If you don’t know how to share your WiFi password from your iPhone, fear not. We are here to help you.

First, make sure that the device that shares the WiFi password and the device that receives the WiFi password are up to date with the latest versions of iOS. Otherwise, sharing your WiFi password via iPhone will not work. Apple added the handy feature in iOS 11 update, so sharing your WiFi password via iPhone is only possible with devices running iOS 11 or higher. Remember: As a general rule, it’s a good idea to always keep your devices up to date with software updates for security reasons.

If your iPhone has iOS 11 or higher, you’re good to go. Skip this next section and scroll down to “How to share your WiFi password via iPhone”. If your phone is not on the latest update, we will guide you first.


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How to Update to the Latest iOS or MacOS

Before you update your iOS on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, make sure your device is backed up to ensure you don’t lose any valuable information. Next, plug in your device and connect to a WiFi network. Go to Settings, then scroll down to General. If a new iOS update is available, there will be a small red dot next to the Software Update button.

Update that baby software!
Credit: Apple

Tap Software Update, which will take you to an option that says Download and Install. When you press this button, you may be prompted to enter your device’s passcode. Then the iOS update will automatically start installing.

If you require update your macOS on your laptop or desktop, again, make sure all your data is backed up. Since updating your operating system takes time and processing power, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi source and make sure your computer is plugged in so the update doesn’t drain. not your battery. Once your device is connected to WiFi and plugged in, open System Preferences from the Apple menu, which is located in the upper left corner of your screen. When the System Preferences window appears, click Software Update. All available upgrades will be displayed here.

If an update is available, click the Upgrade Now button to begin installation. The download will start automatically and once complete, the installer window will appear. Follow the instructions in the window to complete the installation.

Screenshot of Mac showing that a new macOS update is available

Your macOS must be Catalina or newer (Big Sur or Monterey.)
Credit: Apple

Once you’ve completed the update, you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey of sharing your WiFi password from your iPhone.

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone

Before you begin, make sure WiFi and Bluetooth settings are enabled on both devices.

The key here is that the email address you use for your Apple ID is saved in the other person’s contacts, and vice versa. For example, if you share your WiFi password with your friend and the email address you use as your Apple ID is [email protected] and theirs is [email protected]be sure that your the email address is stored in their device’s contact information and their the email address is stored in your device’s contact information. If you can’t remember the email address you use as your Apple ID, you can find it by signing in to (If you forgot your Apple ID password, here’s how to change it.)

Sharing your WiFi password is pretty easy from here. Keep both devices close to each other, within range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. First, connect the device that shares the WiFi password. Next, open the WiFi settings on the device that receives the password. A window will appear on the device sharing the password asking if you want to share the password with the other device. Tap Share Password, and voila!

iPhone screenshot showing

The moment of truth.
Credit: Apple

How to Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Mac

Now that you know how to share your password between iPhones, sharing your password with a Mac is a piece of cake.

First, just like sharing a password between iPhones, each device’s Apple ID must be registered in the other. To add a contact on a Mac, go to Finder then Applications and open Contacts. Click the plus sign, then click New Contact from the drop-down menu. From there, you can add all the information in the window that appears.

Screenshot of adding a new contact on a Mac

Make sure the other device’s Apple ID is saved as a contact.
Credit: Apple

Next, connect your iPhone to the WiFi network. Then, on the Mac receiving the password, open your Network Preferences from the toolbar or by opening System Preferences, followed by Network. Click on the WiFi network you want to connect to. This will display a pop-up asking for the password.

At this point, a notification on the iPhone should appear asking if you want it to share your password with the Mac. Tap Share Password.

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Android

Sharing your passcode with an Android takes a bit more effort since there’s no native compatibility, but it’s usually easy to do once you’ve completed the complicated setup. This is also kind of a nifty trick, and if you want, you can also use it from iPhone to iPhone instead of the method described above.

First, you need to create a QR code. This can be done by installing any QR code generator found on the App Store such as Qrafter.

Once inside the app, find the option to create a WiFi code. Next, enter your WiFi password and SSID (network name). Depending on the app you’re using, you may also need to add the type of encryption your WiFi uses, which can be found on your WiFi router. The options are usually WEP, WPA/WPA2 or none.

Screenshot of entering WiFi details in the Qrafter app

Add SSID and password to generate QR code
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Screenshot of QR code generation in Qrafter

Press create to generate your QR code
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Once you’ve added all of your WiFi information, create the QR code and let it work its magic. To share your password, open the camera on the Android phone and position it over the QR code. A notification about the WiFi network will open. Tap the message to connect.

Blackened QR code image

Hover the Android over the QR code (under the black box)
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Image of an Android camera hovering over a QR code on an iPhone

A pop-up will appear prompting the Android to connect
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It’s pretty easy to share Wi-Fi information these days, so you might want to check who’s hiding on your Wi-Fi network and reevaluate who has access from time to time. Otherwise, congratulations on learning another phone hack that will hopefully make your life a little easier.

This story was originally published in January 2021 and updated in July 2022.


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