How to Transfer Files Wirelessly from iPhone to Windows PC


It’s widely accepted that problems come in all shapes and sizes if you have an iPhone but prefer a Windows PC as your computer of choice. This is mainly because iOS is a closed-source operating system. In fact, even the most basic functions like wired file transfer between Windows PC and iPhone can be a frustrating experience, let alone dreaming of something like an AirDrop equivalent.

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What if there was a method you could use to transfer files wirelessly from a PC to your iOS device and vice versa? Yes, this method will help you settle your file transfer needs permanently. There are a few settings that you need to change first, but after that everything is fine. Note that both of your devices must be connected to the same network in order to use this feature. Follow the steps below to enable file sharing on your Windows PC:

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What to Do on Windows PC to Transfer Files to iPhone Wirelessly

1. Create a new folder that will mainly be used to drop your files into.

2. Right click on this folder, go to ‘Properties’. Then go to “Sharing”.

3. Once in the Sharing tab, click on ‘Share’. From the drop-down menu, select “Everyone”, then Add. Save these settings by clicking “Share” at the bottom of the dialog.

4. Now in the Sharing tab, open “Advanced Sharing”. Check the “Share this folder” option and grant all permissions.

5. Open system settings, go to “Network & Internet”, then “Network and Sharing Center”.

6. At the top left, click “Change advanced sharing settings”. Here, expand “All networks” and select “Turn off password protected sharing”, use 128-bit encryption and enable “Public Folder Sharing”.

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What to Do on iPhone to Transfer Files to iPhone Wirelessly

1. Open the “Files” app and go directly to the three-dot menu at the top left of the screen.

2. Click on ‘Connect to server’. Here you will need to enter your PC’s IP address. Once done, choose “Guest”.

3. You are now ready to transfer files between your Windows PC and your iOS device.

4. Ideally, you should now be able to see the folder you shared on your PC and access the most important files.

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The initial setup can be a bit shocking, but once the system is up and running, you can access PC files on your iOS device effortlessly. Other essentials like video streaming are also possible. Simply drag and drop any file into the shared folder and enjoy wireless access to your files, the only caveat being your internet connection speed, which ideally shouldn’t be an issue. These days. So who needs AirDrop?

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