How to turn an old Android mobile into a WiFi repeater


Internet sharing is something that is done in a very simple way from any mobile terminal, since what smartphones do is connect to each other extracting data from whoever acts as the main.

But all this is done through the SIM card data, because when we try to share WiFi, while we ourselves are connected to such a network, Android automatically disconnects us and begins to extract the data.

That is why today we are going to see how we can do so that having an old mobile that we no longer use, it can serve as a repeater of the signal that we receive from the router that the operator with whom we have contracted Internet has put us.

It is easier than expected, although we will have to use third-party applications, since it cannot be done natively, as we have already told you.

Advantages of having an old mobile WiFi

The truth is that carrying out the task of using a cell phone that we do not use as a repeater has many advantages that we think are really useful.

Making our mobile repeat the WiFi signal of our main router can help us and be an advantage in certain uses such as:

  • Extend coverage: this is the most obvious use and this is how we can make the WIFi signal reach the areas of the house where unfortunately the power is not what it should. In this way we get everything to be equal and we can enjoy our network in unison in all rooms.
  • one device: If you are on a network that only supports one connected device at a time, this may be the best solution to connect as many as you need, knowing what the smartphone limit is.
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi: it’s not very normal, but it may be that your router only broadcasts 5 GHz, well, using the mobile, you will be able to connect devices in the 2.4 GHz band as well.

WiFi repeaters are easy to install, help eliminate dead spots, and boost the speed of your current internet connection without breaking the bank.

What applications can help us?

As we already told you lines above, we have no way to make the mobile a WiFi repeater in Android natively, because when we give it to share the network, it automatically disconnects the WiFi and starts broadcasting, but with sim card so card data is not what we are looking for.

The application we are going to use is WiFi Repeater, a free application that works with mobile phones from Android 4.2.2.

It’s very easy to use, that’s why we chose it, and it doesn’t require your smartphone to be rooted either, so it becomes even more functional.

  • Once the WiFi Repeater application has been downloaded and installed, we open it.
  • You will ask us to grant you location permissionssomething we have to do because otherwise it won’t work.
  • We touch the WiFi network icon, which will cause the system to wake up. If you get two green clicks at the bottom, everything is working.
  • A QR Code in the upper part with the one that just by reading it with the mobile that we want to absorb said connection, we will already have it. If said smartphone does not have this function, it is necessary to continue.
  • On the mobile or device that we are going to connect to our new repeater, we must enter WiFi and then select the connection that the WiFi repeater marks.
  • We have to enter Advanced settings and change the manual proxyto put the Proxy hostname which marks the app (IP address), change the proxy-port (Http Port) then put the network password What the WiFi Repeater app tells us.
  • Once done, we only give Keep then we click on the connection so that after a few seconds we are told that we are connected.

This is the best way that currently exists, except that there are more apps of this style, to turn that mobile that we have at home that we no longer use into a WiFi repeater.

Let us know on our social networks what was your experience with this application that we showed you and if it was easy for you, as well as useful. We want to hear from you on our social networks.


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