HP Laptop Users, Do Not Download This “Dangerous” Windows 11 Installer


If you are using an HP Windows 10 laptop and want to upgrade to Windows 11 operating system, take note of this article. There is a new fake Windows 11 installer lurking, and Windows 10 users have been warned not to trust such software. That word of warning comes from HP this month, which shared details about RedLine malware concerns.

Once the malware enters your system, it can steal passwords. The biggest concern is that the attackers have realized that the lure of Windows 11 upgrade for Windows users turns out to be a useful hack to convince users to download the installer. And once you do that, the malware gets access to the data stored on the specific device.

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HP security researchers noticed that RedLine malware was being introduced into registered domains around the same time that Microsoft was closing in on the device upgrade compatibility schedule for users of eligible devices to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 operating system.

The attackers used the fake domain to lure users with the promise of a fake Windows 11 upgrade. They even copied the design of the Windows 11 website so that no one would suspect its legitimacy. “The domain caught our attention because it was newly registered, impersonating a legitimate brand, and taking advantage of a recent announcement,” explained Patrick Schläpfer, Malware Analyst Wolf security team, HP.

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And once the user is convinced that the website is legitimate, they are inadvertently prompted to download a zip file containing the malware. The moment a person does this, the malware seeks to steal the passwords that are stored on web browsers, in fact, it even tries to autofill details like your credit card number or other financial data that you have stored on the system or on the web.

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So, how do you prevent RedLine malware from entering your Windows system? Like any security researcher or expert, HP is quick to suggest that users only download links or files from known and trusted sources/websites.

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