Huawei Enjoy 20 SE receiving EMUI


Huawei Nova 3 is getting a massive feature update in China. The update is released to install various features on this smartphone. According to the information, Huawei Nova 3 was launched in 2018 but the global version of the phone still works with EMUI 9.1. However, the Chinese version has been upgraded with the HarmonyOS operating system.

Note that this update is being rolled out for the Nova 3 smartphone powered by HarmonyOS and not for the EMUI version of the corresponding models.

Massive features of Huawei Nova 3 smartphone comes with HarmonyOS version, upgraded from HarmonyOS Below you can check the adopted models.

  1. Nova 3 – PAR-AL00
  2. Nova 3 – PAR-AL00
  3. Nova 3 4G – PAR-TL00

Here are all the features rolling out with the Huawei Nova 3 software update.

[Apply] Added a quick download icon for the Petal Light Tour app, click to download and use it directly.

[Display] Optimized the display of some interface content.

[Games] Optimized the anti-contact error operation experience of game scenes.

[Communication] China Mobile is activated by default by VoLTE voice call function (this service needs to be activated separately).

[System] Optimize the Bluetooth headset audio playback experience.

[Security] Integrate the February 2022 security patch to improve the security of the mobile phone system.

How are youpDate:

To update your Huawei Nova 3 smartphone with this software rollout, you need to tap on Settings > from here click on System and then follow the on-screen steps.


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