Huawei Nova 10 and Nova 9 receive November 2022 update


Huawei is constantly evolving HarmonyOS with unique and innovative features. The uninterrupted development and evolution of Huawei HarmonyOS hints that it will bring a strong and more powerful ecosystem than android in time to come.

So far, we have come across several developments regarding HarmonyOS and Android. After the American banHuawei has tried its own way to conquer the world of smartphones.

But, the company did not give up and launched its self-developed operating system – HarmonyOS for its consumers. Since its launch, Huawei has made many changes in both functionality as well as the performance of the HarmonyOS operating system in all aspects, whether for smartphones, home electronics or commercial devices.

From now on, HarmonyOS ranks among the best operating systems for smartphones. As it has already achieved milestones such as more than 320 million installs on Huawei smartphones, tablets, wearables and other models. On the other hand, there are over 250 million installs in HarmonyOS Connect smart devices.

Besides devices, more than 2 million developers create apps for the HarmonyOS ecosystem. The company has also established 2,200 HarmonyOS Connect partnerships and developed 25,030 HMS Core APIs.

Additionally, the company exceeded the association rate on global platforms by 80% with 3,000 HarmonyOS. apps. It is worth mentioning that about 40,000 Huawei apps are trending in the global market.

Android and iOS – things of the past!

Looking at the breathtaking development of the Huawei HarmonyOS ecosystem, it won’t be wrong to say Android and iOS will soon be defeated. And HarmonyOS will easily overtake both OS in the next 10 years.

Because in the age of the Internet of Everything, HarmonyOS will pave the way for a truly connected environment.

Additionally, OpenHarmony technologies pursue their own goal of establishing an industry lead. Together, the HarmonyOS ecosystem becomes a vast platform full of benefits for developers and users.

Yu Chengdong’s words:

At the HarmonyOS 2 launch event, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group and Head of Smart Car BG, said:

“What we offer is not just a product but a new way of life. HarmonyOS is a unified language in the age of the Internet of Things. It surpasses the Android era and is the most powerful in the IoT era. We will continue to create smart scenarios over the next 10 years.

Ultimately, this is a clear statement that ten years from now will be the final phase of the HarmonyOS ecosystem and the company will add amazing changes to the respective operating system.



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