If your apps are crashing, blame the latest Windows Update


You can expect a new operating system to have a few bugs and glitches down the line, but Windows 11 users got the most out of the stick. Launching the operating system was anything but smooth.

You should expect updates to fix security vulnerabilities and fix bugs, but it’s never a good sign when an update crashes your system. Unfortunately, this happens with a recent Windows update.

Read on to find out what the bug does and how you can fix the problem.

Here is the backstory

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a regular update to bring improvements and fixes. But it soon turned out that Windows 11 KB5012643 The update did more harm than good. This caused the safe mode bug, flickering the screen and making it unstable.

To fix the issue with Safe Mode, the tech giant released another update. It did the job, but now it breaks other components in Windows 11. Optional update KB5012643 fixes several issues, but it crashes apps that rely on .NET 3.5 framework.

The framework is an essential component of application development, as it is a set of actions that developers can rely on to make their applications work properly. The update crashes apps on Windows 11 version 21H2.

What can you do about it

The last issue is so bad that Microsoft suggests you uninstall the update and wait for a better version. Whenever it might be.

Here is how you can uninstall the update on Windows 11:

  • Click on the To start up button and search Windows Update Settings.
  • In the Windows Update settings window, select View update history.
  • So choose Uninstall update.
  • To find KB5012643 in the list, select it and click on Uninstall.

It’s unclear which apps are crashing, as Microsoft only revealed that “affected apps use certain optional components such as Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow components.”

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