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Last year I ditched my DSLR for the Fujifilm XT4. Several weddings later, I’m still in love with the camera and, in particular, the color profiles that cut my editing time in half. I don’t miss my presets which sometimes worked and sometimes created awful skin tones. I can apply the Astia color profile to the RAW, do some minor exposures and adjust the white balance, zap all the random buttons, and I’m done. After over a year with two bodies, I figured the Fujifilm XT4 review was due for an update in a long-term perspective and the latest firmware updates.

The reason I was drawn to Fujifilm was the colors, which isn’t surprising; most Fuji-tographers always talk about their tones. Before using the XT4, my clients noticed that I had given them a green skin before noticing the full frame bokeh. So because I like bokeh too, I swapped an f2.8 zoom for prime f1 and f1.8, two housings and a dual strap. Now I didn’t have to give up all the versatility of a zoom. And if there’s anything I love as much as the colors, it’s the feel of the metallic lenses.

While I can talk about Fujifilm colors for almost as long as my ten-year-old can talk about Minecraft, I know the XT4 isn’t perfect. If I was a wildlife or sports photographer, I would have chosen differently because there are faster autofocuses, and the XT4 does better under ISO 6400.

“Before using the XT4, my clients noticed that I had given them a green skin before noticing the full frame bokeh.”

I updated the Fujifilm XT4 review with long-term experience, the latest firmware and an updated look at how the XT4 integrates with the newly launched XH2 and XH2. Here’s the Big Picture summary of the updated review:

The big picture

I review cameras for a living, and when it came time to upgrade my gear, I chose the XT4. That’s really saying something. The Fujifilm XT4 is a prime example of how good a camera is when camera makers listen to customer feedback. As the old saying goes, “Give people what they want”. With the X-T4, that is precisely what Fujifilm has done. The outgoing X-T3 was already a very capable camera (we gave it Editor’s Choice for a reason). The XT4 packs even more under the hood with the addition of in-camera image stabilization, a fully articulating touchscreen and a bigger battery.

The main reason I chose to shoot with the XT4 is image quality. I save a lot of time on photo editing because the XT4 has excellent color profiles. Shooting with Astia, I have less trouble with red or green skin tones. But I also like the ergonomics of the XT4 and the selection of metal prime lenses. I paired the camera with the 50mm f1, and I don’t even miss my full-frame DSLR with its 24-70mm f2.8 zoom lens.

However, if I had been shooting a genre like sports or wildlife, I would have chosen a different system. The XT4’s autofocus is good enough for portraits and even a low-light dance floor, but there are faster systems (and systems with excellent AF for animal eyes). Naturally, high ISO quality is also better with a full-frame camera system.

All of the new bells and whistles come with a price, though. With a US $1,700 MSRP For the camera body alone, the XT4 is fast approaching Full Frame territory price-wise. The flagship of Sony’s Crop Sensor A6600, the XT4’s most direct competitor, can now be had for around US$1,200 (it launched last year with an MSRP of US$1,400). For half a mile less, you get a comparably equipped camera in the A6600 with better overall autofocus performance (despite the XT4’s ability to shoot at a slightly higher FPS). The XT4’s sensor is also two megapixels larger than the A6600’s. In practice, this is a negligible increase in resolution. The Crop Sensor lens selection is where Fujifilm has a significant advantage over Sony. Let’s also not forget the ever-growing list of film simulations you have access to with the Fujifilm X-T4. All things considered, the Fujifilm XT4 is an outstanding choice for professionals as well as serious photography enthusiasts, as long as the higher entry price is justified.


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