Indian start-up breaks distance barrier in secure communications


Indian deep-tech startup QNu Labs has broken through the distance barrier by achieving secure communications over 325 km of existing fiber optic network using quantum technology-based solutions, the company announced on Tuesday.

“The feat is remarkable because we used existing optical fiber for the implementation of secure key transfer first over 150 km and across a few hops using Trusted Relay Node technology,” said Sunil Kumar Gupta, co-founder and CEO of QNu Labs. said PTI.

He said QNu Labs became the first company in the world to demonstrate secure communication over 325 km using locally developed Armos Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology and could be extended to any length. using the Trusted Relay Node.

This extensive field demonstration took place over seven days in April 2022 in northern India, in one of the toughest terrains in the world.
Gupta said other companies have achieved a similar feat using specially developed superconducting fiber, while technology developed by QNu works on existing fiber optic networks.

“The most important aspect of this innovation is that any number of trusted nodes can now be added to the network to extend secure communication to any communication node without any distance barrier,” he said. -he declares.

The new Armos QKD technology variant was developed under the iDEX program of the Ministry of Defense. He had conferred the National Technology Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology last month.

Centered on the principle of quantum physics, the Armos QKD system generates an unconditionally secure symmetric key pair, enabling future-proof data encryption against any brute-force attack, according to a statement from QNu Labs.

This milestone achieved under strict conditions propels India to the forefront of quantum secure communication technology, as globally, symmetric keys of only 100-120 km (24 dB loss) have been achieved right now under actual field conditions, he said.

The Armos QKD variant along with the trusted node technology is commercially available on the government e-marketplace portal.


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