Is online shopping your norm? Follow these tips for a secure purchase


With advancements in technology, life has indeed become much easier. This is especially true for shopping enthusiasts, who can have the clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup products and even furniture and groceries of their choice at their doorstep with just one click by placing the order via gadgets.

However, with such benefits, there is also the risk of online fraud. Many fake shopping websites and apps charge you extra money and fail to deliver the product or send defective items. In many cases, your financial and personal information is also disclosed.

To protect yourself from cyberspace pickpockets, here are 5 effective ways to have a safe and secure online shopping experience.

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Buy from trusted sites

Do not shop on any website you see online that sells cheap products. Find out about that particular store and check whether it is genuine or not. If you find that there is no mention of the shopping site in Google searches, avoid buying products there.

Check internet protocol

Before buying something from an online store, be sure to check whether the site has an “HTTP” or “HTTPS” address. To understand whether a particular site is legit or not, the “s” after the HTTP is vital. It will make sure the site is encrypted or not. Reliable commercial websites have an HTTPS address which determines the security of your data.

Avoid using debit cards

Get into the habit of using credit cards when shopping online. Since debit cards are tied to your bank account, they can often leak your financial information with scammers hacking your personal information. Or shop using Mastercard Secure Code or Verified by Visa, to protect yourself from fraud.

Do not click on suspicious links

Don’t go on a shopping spree as soon as you find a website displaying amazing discounts and offers as links. Always check the validity of the site and find out why they give such big discounts.

Check the order once delivered:

The last tip to follow is to have a thorough check of the product after receiving it. If you find that the package is damaged, broken or torn, immediately raise a dispute to ask for compensation or return of the defective item. It is advisable to take photos of the damaged product to support your claim.

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