John Vecchi joins Phosphorus Cybersecurity as CMO


Phosphorus Cybersecurity has announced the appointment of John Vecchi as Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, Vecchi will lead global marketing, branding, analyst relations and go-to-market strategy for the company.

Vecchi brings over 25 years of experience bringing new security and enterprise technology products to market. Prior to joining Phosphorus Cybersecurity, Vecchi served as CMO of Anitian, CMO of ColorTokens, CMO of Solera Networks, VP of Marketing at Zscaler, CMO of Anonyome Labs, Senior VP of Marketing and global product strategy at Blue Coat, as well as manager-level positions at Check Point Software, McAfee and Motorola.

“John is a top-notch leader and his proven expertise in product marketing and GTM strategy will be a great asset to our business as we accelerate growth this year,” said Chris Rouland, CEO of Phosphorus Cybersecurity. “Phosphorus has unique IoT protection capabilities that no other company has, and John’s extensive industry experience will play an important role in helping us educate business decision makers to drive a better proactive defense before the next big wave of corporate cyberattacks. ”

“The enterprise attack surface is rapidly evolving beyond traditional endpoints as hundreds of new IoT and OT devices connect to the internet every second, providing hackers with billions of new devices to exploit,” Vecchi said. “Phosphorus is the only company capable of providing robust, comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity protection across the full range of IoT, OT and enterprise network devices, and it will play a critical and leading role in next phase of enterprise cybersecurity. »

Phosphorus Cybersecurity provides unparalleled IoT and OT defense solutions for enterprise customers. With its automated security solutions against critical vulnerabilities, Phosphorus Cybersecurity enables organizations to scale IoT and OT technologies without adding additional employees to secure them. In February, the company closed a $38 million Series A growth round led by SYN Ventures and MassMutual Ventures.

Phosphorus Cybersecurity discovered that 20% to 30% of today’s enterprise networks are made up of IoT devices, with little or no security programs in place. In today’s enterprises, up to 25-30% of all IoT devices are end-of-life and no longer supported by firmware updates from their manufacturer.

Additionally, up to 50% of IoT devices have known vulnerabilities or default passwords, with 20% of these vulnerabilities being critical CVEs (CVSS score of 9 or higher). As an example of these current risks, Phosphorus Cybersecurity recently observed hackers exploiting vulnerable IoT systems – including door controllers and camera systems – to launch ransomware attacks inside security networks. American companies.


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