KB5010415 update adds two new features


Windows 11 might be Microsoft’s main software these days, but Windows 10 will continue to be supported until 2025. This will mostly come in the form of security updates, but the latest version (KB5010415) even adds a few new features.

As you’d expect, these are unlikely to have a big effect on user experience. Cookies will now be shared between the standard version of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer mode, which is commonly used by businesses to ensure that all of their apps are compatible. It will also be easier to rename and change the location of NVMe drives, a common type of SSD.

Neither are particularly noteworthy, but they open up the prospect of more Windows 10 features in the future. Microsoft has released feature updates twice a year since launch, but that was supposed to end in 2022. We might see a 22H2 update for Windows 10 after all, though Microsoft is more likely to adopt a strategy similar to Windows 11.

Officially, the new operating system only receives one feature update in the second half of each year – there are already many rumors about the 2022 version. But it is also clear that Microsoft wants to add new features. new features to Windows 11 throughout the year. This happened in a recent update, and it looks like new features are on the way soon.

This strategy works in tandem with the Windows Insider Program, where the Dev Channel will soon become more experimental. Large-scale public testing is no longer available to Windows 10 users, so Microsoft will understandably be more cautious about new features.

But with many people reluctant or unable to upgrade to Windows 11, its predecessor remains an operating system that hundreds of millions of people still rely on. Not developing new features in the next 43 months would be a mistake for Microsoft.

Despite the two new features mentioned above, the KB5010415 update mainly focuses on bug fixes. Issues with entering Chinese text on a QWERTY keyboard, using screen readers, and accessing Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode have all been fixed. However, several other issues have been identified but not yet resolved.

KB5010415 is still technically in preview state, so you will need to install it manually. Just head to Settings > Update & Security and click “Show optional updates”. If it’s not there, you can download it from Microsoft’s website instead. Once the March security patch is released, this older version will be automatically installed on devices.

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