KDE now makes it easy to remapping extra mouse buttons, Discover continues to improve


KDE developer Nate Graham came out early with his usual weekly development roundup highlighting all of this top-notch open-source desktop environment. It’s worth noting this week that KDE is adding support for reassigning additional mouse buttons as well as a lot of ongoing work on Discover.

This week’s highlights in the KDE space include:

– KDE can now bind the buttons of your multi-button mouse. This change to rebind extra mouse buttons is coming for Plasma 5.26 so they can be assigned to arbitrary keybindings that will cause a synthetic key event when pressed. From the KDE system settings area, additional buttons can be mapped.

David Redondo added support for easy handling of extra mouse buttons with KDE Plasma 5.26.

– The Kate text editor now has a keyboard macro function.

– Discover Software Center now has a setting to choose how often users are notified of new updates, either daily/weekly/monthly/never.

– The app selection dialog for sandboxed/portal-based apps now has a much better keyboard navigation layout.

– Discover’s “Updates” page now displays the correct version information for firmware updates.

– Discover screenshots now support animated images.

– Kate and other programs using KTextEditor now support various mouse-based methods to add more cursors for multi-cursor functionality.

– Various other bugfixes.

More details on this week’s KDE excitement at Nate’s blog.


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