Know the IP of your VPN with which you browse the Internet

One of the objectives when navigating in a vpn is to hide the IP adress real. Basically, this means that we are going to surf the Internet with the IP address that provides this service. Now how can we see if the IP has really changed and which one are we using? In this article, we will explain how to do it. It is useful to verify that it really works and also to see which country we are connected to.

What to do to see the IP of a VPN

If, for example, you connect to a server to watch streaming videos, such as on platforms like Netflix, they can sometimes be limited to a certain country. This means you need to be connected to a VPN that has servers in that territory to avoid being blocked. This is one of the reasons why it can be interesting to know what the IP is and to be able to see which nation it corresponds to.

How to see the IP of a VPN? You can find out in a simple way. The first thing you need is connect to VPN. Once you are logged in, the next thing to do will be to enter the web to find out the IP address. There you will quickly see what is the IP you are using as well as information about the internet service provider and the country.

In our example, we have connected to a United States VPN. As you can see from the image above, it tells us the exact IP address as well as the country we are connected to. You can repeat this same process as many times as necessary, as you can connect to other servers and choose other countries.

Methods to browse with another IP

By using a VPN, you can browse with another IP address. Plus, you can easily see which one you’re using. You might be wondering if there are other methods to browse with a different IP address and the answer is yes. You will be able to use alternatives to go out on the Internet with another address different from yours.

One of these options is to use a Proxy server. Sometimes it is often compared to a VPN, although they generally perform less well. Basically what we are doing is connecting to an intermediate server and going out onto the network with its IP address. We can also choose a proxy server that is in the country that interests us, so we will not have problems in this regard.

Also, yet another alternative is to use the Navigator. With this option we will also hide our real IP address and navigate with another. It is a privacy-based browser that you can use for free on desktop and mobile. Of course, the speed will be limited and you may have some problems.

Either way, whether you are browsing through a proxy or using the Tor browser, you will be able to find out what IP they are using. So you can check at any time which country you are connected to and if it is the one you need to access a service or program. You can see that using a VPN on mobile is attractive.


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