LCD windows are the hottest case mod this summer


Case modding took off in the late 90s and taught us all that computers could (and should!) be awesome. A lot of the aesthetics have gone mainstream, and now tons of computer cases come with lights and windows and everything. [WysWyg_Protogen] realized that these simple case windows could be much cooler with a neat LCD hack, and put to work.

The concept is simple. Take an old LCD monitor, remove the backlight and foreign hardware, then install it on the window of a computer case. When illuminated from behind via LEDs in the case, the screen creates a ghostly display through which the computer’s internal components can still be partially seen. It’s a really convincing effect, and in theory, quite easy to achieve. All you need to do is mount the stripped screen on the case and point it towards the video from the graphics card.

In practice, it’s a bit tricky. Disassembling the screen and removing things like the anti-reflective coating can be tricky to do without damaging the delicate panel inside. Windows typically used on computer cases can also lessen the effect. However, [WysWyg_Protogen] keep tinkering with the project and the results are more and more impressive with each iteration. It doesn’t photograph too well, but it looks really amazing in motion.

We often forget that LCDs are transparent in their basic form, as we typically only use them with backlights or reflective mounts. However, they really look great when used in this transmissive way. Video after the break.


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