Let thoughtful technology make hybrid working logical – and enjoyable – again


The sleek Logi Dock is the nifty gadget that will take care of your remote desktop needs.

How’s your remote work experience going?

Many global brands have announced that permanent hybrid work arrangements will be made available to their hires. And according to a report by consulting firm Gallup, close to 60% of employees surveyed indicated a preference for remote work options.

As the hybrid working trend gains traction, companies are looking to equip their workforce with the right tools to improve efficiency and performance. However, working remotely presents a number of problems, including cluttered desks with too many cables and dongles; missed online meetings due to calendar sync mishaps and the all-too-familiar spotty video call with poor audio.

The Logitech Logi Docking Station is designed to mitigate these pain points and meet the emerging needs of the new workforce. With user-friendly features and one-touch meeting controls, this professional-grade all-in-one speakerphone dock aims to enhance your personal workspace and let you showcase the best side of you. even on every call.


Declutter your workspace with Logi Dock, which functions as a docking station, speakerphone and your meeting assistant.

If you’ve ever flipped between two video calling platforms and forgotten where the mute button was, you’re not alone. Moments like these can detract from a professional presentation, and Logi Dock changes that with physical touch buttons.

At the top of the sleek device are five clearly labeled buttons that allow the teleworker to effortlessly join meetings with one touch, control volume and switch between mute and video settings. This allows for more decisive interactions when you don’t have to fiddle with on-screen controls, or worse – think you’re muted when you’re not.

Stay on top of your meetings with Logitune – a free app that helps you unlock the full potential of your Logitech collaboration devices – and instantly join any meeting with just the press of a button. It syncs with calendar tools like Office 365 and Google Calendar, and a discreet light will appear to signal your next appointment.

Logi Tune is not just a scheduler, it also optimizes your Logitech webcam* and the Logitech Zone True headset. Adjust the field of view and zoom for a comfortable composition, then compensate for poor lighting with tonal adjustments for a more natural glow.

IT decision makers will be happy to know that any troubleshooting issues with Logi Dock and firmware updates can be done remotely. For today’s hybrid arrangements, this is a fast and scalable solution, allowing teams to also adjust access settings for various functions.



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