Linux Firmware Update Growth Continues Amid Security Updates


The Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) to provide firmware updates with the fwupd client for system and component firmware updates from Linux continues to experience massive growth. The fourth quarter of 2021 was by far the most used and that continued into 2022 with over two million firmware downloads last month.

Lead LVFS/fwupd developer Richard Hughes of Red Hat tweeted an overview of LVFS usage for the previous months (embedded below).

Richard Hughes provided this graph showing the growth of LVFS over time.

LVFS in January saw over two million firmware downloads since LVFS, its second highest month ever and only behind November 2021, when it served over 2.5 million firmware images while dipping below 2 million in December.

Organic growth is certainly significant, but sadly not due to more hardware vendors starting to support Linux firmware updates via LVFS/fwupd… Although there are more from vendors that support LVFS, a large portion of downloads in recent months have been a result of providing updated UEFI/system firmware to mitigate security issues. Lenovo and Dell continue to lead this push in releasing firmware updates to LVFS and the recent round of updates were conducted in the name of security. Hopefully in 2022 we will see more OEMs/ODMs supporting LVFS to satisfy their Linux customers.

LVFS could also see more growth in the coming months if it goes ahead with its plans to offer Coreboot and other firmware alternatives for end-of-life devices.


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