Man accused of smashing windows of local businesses | Local News


It wasn’t Ernest T. Bass throwing rocks through windows in Mayberry, North Carolina on The Andy Griffith Show and it wasn’t fun for a handful of business owners. Bass was prone to throwing rocks through windows and now it seems Crossville has its own version of Ernest T.

A Crossville homeless man has been charged with carrying out a rampage by breaking the windows of local businesses, a city-owned building and a church on the night of March 3.

Joshua Wiley Hays, 47, no address available, was arrested by Crossville police the same day the destruction was discovered, according to crime and arrest reports. He faces five counts of vandalism.

Police were busy last Thursday morning when building and business owners arrived to find smashed windows. Video surveillance at some of the businesses showed a suspect on the property when the breakage occurred.

Businesses affected by the vandalism included:

•Roadrunner Motors on N. Main St., $500 damage to window with surveillance video identifying suspect;

• Mayberry warehouse on Webb Ave., $700 damage to two windows with surveillance showing suspect throwing rocks;

•Fortes Restaurant on E. Fourth St., $1,000 damage to window. A nearby camera captured a man throwing a large stone through the window;

•French Shoes and Boots warehouse off Thurman Ave., $200 damage to a van window with a surveillance camera capturing the incident;

• First Christian Church on E. First St., $500 damage to two windows; and,

• Former OD Pugh surveying office sold to city, $200 for window.

Hays has been jailed on five property destruction warrants and a sixth charge is slated, if she hasn’t already been served. Hays will appear in the Court of General Sessions for a hearing to be scheduled.


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