Managing your Microsoft Office account in Windows 11 is about to get a whole lot easier


Updating your Microsoft Office subscription should soon be much easier thanks to a new change that will allow users to manage their account directly on Windows 11’s Settings app.

The new feature will arrive with the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25126 (opens in a new tab), which can be found on the Dev Channel.

Users will be able to check all supported Microsoft 365 Office apps that are licensed to your account by going to the Accounts tab in the Settings menu. There you can read the product details by clicking view details and even buy them if you want a subscription.

Account management

The revamped Accounts tab also contains links to the Microsoft Rewards page (opens in a new tab) and your personal OneDrive cloud storage. Build 25126 is slowly rolling out to Insider participants, so you might not know you have it. Make sure you have the latest version installed on your computer if you are part of the Insider program.

You can join the Windows 11 Insider Program by first registering on the Microsoft website and then registering on your PC. Open the Settings menu and navigate to Windows Update. You will see a tab that says Windows Insider Program; click on this tab and follow the given instructions.

The new Office 365 feature may not make its way to non-preview versions. It all depends on the feedback Microsoft receives, which you can add to by opening the Feedback Center (opens in a new tab) in Settings. The hub is located under User Profile Accounts Settings.

patch up

The rest of Preview Build 25126 is a set of fixes. According to the blog post, Microsoft fixed a customization issue that caused upside-down preview images to appear when using Arabic or Hebrew as the display language. They also fixed the search bar crashing randomly and made sure that open context menus kept the same visual style as the task manager.

Microsoft said it is aware of issues affecting video games and live captioning on some apps. Apparently some games will crash if you use Easy Ant-Cheat (opens in a new tab). Some video players, Microsoft hasn’t specified which ones, sometimes won’t display live captions or launch the captioning app at the top of the screen.

Highs and lows

Windows updates from Microsoft can be a bit of a rollercoaster. It fixes bugs with some versions and introduces new ones with others.

There have been reports, for example, of a recent Windows 11 update (standard, not Insider) breaking parts of Trend Micro antivirus. The update apparently introduced a compatibility issue with the antivirus, causing some features to not work. Trend Micro is working on a solution while Microsoft has remained silent. Hopefully this bug will be recognized and quickly fixed.


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